Eye Lash Extensions

The cosmetic industry had numerous beauty enhancing treatments from head to toe for a flawless beauty. One of them is Eyelash extensions which are a growing people crazy about it.

Eyelash extensions help to look fuller and curvy eyes. These extensions are seamless to identify whether it’s real or fake which is effectively opted by most of them.

Although it enhances the facial feature drastically, these should be used with utmost caution since eyes are the most sensitive part.

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Following are few of the methods to be considered while opting for eyelash extensions.

1) False Eyelash extensions are temporary lashes where one can use it for a day just like makeup and remove them at the end of the day.

2) Expert level treatment for eyelashes extensions is available as well. It is performed by experts by manually filling in the false lashes in between the natural lashes. It can also be customised as per one’s interest since it has various lengths and colors of lashes available.But All these options come with a heavy price tag and its maintenance for a long-lasting experience. This is majorly opted by entertainment industry professionals (like Movie actors, Models, Fashion industry).

Select any of these methods available in the market but one has to follow certain routines to maintain them. Here are few Do’s and Don’ts


♦Should practice a cleanse and moistures routine for the skin around the eye.

♦Should wait for a couple of minutes after glueing the lashes on the eyelids.

♦For Expert lash extensions, it’s quite a long process to get it done since experts fill them individually between natural lashes to have that natural look.During this process, one shouldn’t open their eyes or move their lids until the process is complete.

♦Maintain the lashes with certain tools available in the market


♦Do not use any makeup products once lashes extensions are

♦Do not be harsh and rub your eyes

♦Do not wet the lashes for 24 hours after treatment completion for expert eyelash extensions.

♦Do not sleep with false eyelashes (temporary ones) on the eyelids.

If these are followed with care and caution, they are great enhancers for enhancing one’s facial features.