NBA 2K17: How to Pick Your Dream Team

The release of NBA 2K18 is just around the corner but it doesn’t mean you should trade in your NBA 2K17 for the sequel title just yet as there’s still plenty of things to do in the game, like build your dream team. However, you have to make sure that whatever team you choose for 2K17, you’d better hope that their stats remain when 2K18 hits both physical and digital store shelves.

But before we dive into 2K18, let’s continue exploring the world of NBA 2K17 first (while you’re still playing it). Now, anyone who’s looking to start the game will immediately get offered a choice between the Cavaliers and the Warriors. No matter what the reason you may have, your dream team depends on a number of factors. Nonetheless, each team has their own strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a breakdown of some of the reasons why you should select which team.

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The Golden State Warriors 

NBA 2K17 brought a minimal amount of updates from its direct predecessor, but it did include a new shooting style and the entire draftees of 2K16. These features do matter unless you’re controlling Steph Curry. Why is this player so important? It’s because he barely misses his shots. Anyone playing 2K17 who matches up against the GSWs knows far too well how scary Curry can be. There’s nothing scarier in the court than having a player who can throw three-pointers and sink them in with high accuracy.

The Cleveland Cavaliers

If your friends are ridiculing you for going with the trophy-holders, then return their guffaws and sarcastic humor by asking them, “Why not?” Of course, who can deny LeBron? There’s nothing more fun than beating your opponents with the sick skills of this famous NBA star. However, LeBron isn’t the only star player in the Cavaliers as you also get King James’ impressive defense, and then there’s also Tristan Thompson, Kyrie Irving, Iman Shumpert, and J.R. Smith.

The Chicago Bulls

The GSWs and Cavaliers aren’t your only choice teams in NBA 2K17 because you can get to pick other known teams as well, and what’s great about this game is you can even pick the Chicago Bulls (’92 to ’93 Championship Team) starring none other than Michael Jordan himself while he was still in his prime. If you want to win against opponents without putting in a lot of effort, then this is your team.

Note that these are not the only three teams in the entire roster of NBA 2K17, but this post will give you a good start if you’ve just recently picked up the game. You might also want to prepare yourself by looking at NBA 2K18 locker codes for when the video game hits store shelves.