What is Hotel PMS?

What is Hotel PMS

Hotel PMS or the Property management system in the hospitality industry is comprehensive software that performs and coordinates various operations that include functions related to the sales and planning, front office functions and report forming. Having a hotel property management system helps to make all the operations automatic like the bookings of the guests and their details, online reservations, quality management, HR and payroll, food and beverage costing and several other amenities. A hotel PMS is often customized as per the requirements of a hotel or a property.

What is a good Hotel PMS?

A good hotel PMS or the property management system is certainly the one that brings in efficiency and accuracy in the operations of the hotel and also helps to boost its revenue. It gives accurate information at the right time based on the data of hotel business which primarily includes average daily rate, occupancy rate and thus, helps the food and beverage control department in managing right stock in the store room and making the right decision on what to buy and when to buy.

Hotel Management software

The property management system makes the various operations of a hotel automatic like:

  • Guest bookings
  • Guest details
  • Online reservations
  • Point of sale
  • Posting of charges
  • Sales and marketing
  • Food and beverage costing
  • Materials management
  • HR and Payroll
  • Quality management
  • Maintenance management

The above mentioned operations are some of the primary operations that take place in every hotel. There are several other amenities apart from these that form a part of PMS. These can also be customized based on varying requirements of a hotel.

With the introduction of cloud management system or cloud computing recently, the PMS has also managed to provide efficiency in the new service areas like the features that are guest-facing. These include services to the customers like allowing on-line check in, in-room controls, room service, communication between the staff and guest virtual concierge and several others. These services can be utilized by the hotel guest right from the convenience of their own smart phones or certain devices provided by hotels that are available in either the lobby area or the room itself.

While the popularity of Property management system in the hospitality industry is clear from the above article, it is also widely used by local government authorities, local property managers and also in the manufacturing and logistics industries among the others. The efficiency achieved through these automated and computerized systems has brought profitability and organization of operations in most of the industries that it has managed to reach.