What are the features of Credova?


Credova is a financing program and fintech platform based on the buy now and pay later model. It is a USA-based fintech company. The payments are provided by noka or merchants, a cornerstone bank registered name. It is a Chartered financial bank of North Dakota state.

Using Credova, you can buy products now, own them but pay later in easy installments. You also pay without any interest being levied on yourself. And it doesn’t impact your credit score. You have to be a qualified user. You can either get approvals of pre qualification, which works for 30 days, and approvals for a full qualification which lasts for 60 days. So, you can pay later. It is very easy to apply for being a qualified user of Credova, and you just have to sign up through their official website and click on the top right corner, and hit the apply option. Therefore you can just select the retailer and you are good to go. Add products and pay afterward. But in case you fail to pay the regular payments within the time limit of 90 days, then you will not be qualified and you won’t be able to use Credova. So make sure to keep a check on the due monthly installments. You can only get 90 days interest-free approval if you meet the eligibility criteria and qualify the guidelines. The applications are available online, and you can fill it in the comfort of your home by adding some basic details and in a matter of seconds, you get approval.


Features of Credova

Credova has amazing features, and It has loads of amazing features and liberty to customize the various merchant partners. The only app and website of crevods have different originators. The approval never impacts your credit score, and even if you have a bad credit score, you can apply for Credova services. Users get a full credit spectrum. And additionally, they get financing for their profiles. Credova uses LOS Software and a Fully documented API. It is also a platform with POS integration and provides Portfolio analytics. You can also avail Custom proprietary underwriting and approval in seconds. Credova also supports Wire or ACH payment management along with creating a robust reporting process. So don’t wait anymore and download Credova now. To unlock all these amazing features and services. Start your adventure with Credova now, no need to wait, no need to worry, just fulfill all your wishes.