What are outside handyman services exactly?

Examples of exterior handyman services include exterior home maintenance, repairs, and some installation work. Get the best local handyman services in Mill Creek. Services for exterior handyman work include the following:

  • Cleaning the gutters: Gutter cleaning can be challenging for homeowners who lack the necessary time and tools. Repairs, debris removal, and downspout cleaning may all be part of this service. The exterior of a home can look dramatically better with pressure washing. You can clean decks, stairs, driveways, and building exteriors like siding with a pressure washer if you own one.
  • Window scrubbing: Exterior window washing for homes with two or three stories is an additional straightforward handyman service you can provide. You could also decide only to wash windows on the ground floor of a house, depending on your comfort level.
  • Repairs and installation of screens: Screens for windows and doors often need to be replaced or repaired by replacing the screen or installing a screen door. You may also need to replace a frame or repair a tear.
  • Stain and paint on the outside: You can apply a new coat of paint or stain to decks, fences, doors, and the exterior of your home as a handyman. In addition to applying a new coat, you may need to remove previous paint or make minor surface repairs before you begin.
  • The construction of garden planters: the installation of paving stones, the erecting of barbecues and patio furniture, the disassembly of seasonal furniture, and the erecting of holiday lights and decorations are just some of the general yard maintenance services offered by some handymen.
  • Repairs to Gates and Fences: To last, fences and gates must be fixed and maintained. You can provide handyman services like building and erecting exterior gates, replacing latches, repairing damaged fence panels and posts, erecting decorative borders and fences, etc.

handyman in MoselyBest tip:

Consider splitting similar services into spring and fall packages if you offer them. In the spring, promote your warm-weather services. Focus on assisting homeowners with winterization in the fall.

Create a marketing strategy

Create a marketing plan for some of the handyman services you offer. Certain seasons will be more popular. Because of this, you need to market them accordingly. Wouldn’t it make much sense to include an offer to assemble patio furniture and install holiday lights in the same flyer?

By deciding which handyman services you intend to offer, you can develop a marketing strategy that is both cost-effective and strategic. You can highlight your babyproofing and aging-in-place upgrades for seniors in your marketing materials if your competitors do not.