Travelling with your pups conveniently

If you are one to always bring your dog with you on road trips and hiking trips, then Yippr Pet Travel Food & Water Bowl. It is better to always be prepared and bringing your pup’s food bowls is the first thing that comes to mind when you look at your dog. It gets annoying that you need to bring their big bowls whenever you go, right? Well, this might be the right ones for you and your dogs!

In choosing a travel bowl, you need to make sure that it really does its job. It should be made of materials that are not harmful for them. How can you make sure that Yippr’s products are safe? Read on and find out more about this marvellous piece.


It doesn’t get in the way!

Whenever you go on an adventure, you want to be prepared but at the same time, don’t bring stuff that would be too heavy for you. These collapsible food and water bowls will be your dog’s best friend during the trip. You can have this hanging on your bag or on your furbabies collar because of how lightweight these are. this is just one of the best features and you can already imagine how easier travelling will be.

It is the right size for your dogs!

You can expand this up to 2 inches tall and this is just the right size for your dogs, even the big ones! For smaller dogs, you can expand it half way which is 1 and ¼ inches. Your dog will have a long drink because it holds up to 1.5 cups. It’s one of the best products of Yippr because of how well-made it is for travelling and hiking.


You can save more space!

This is important especially if you bring you dogs with you almost all the time. When collapsed, you can just tuck it into the side of your car. Or if you are travelling and your bags are ready to burst at the seams, you can use the carabiner clip to just clip it outside of your bags. It is super convenient and you will never regret buying this kind of bowl for your puppies. You can also have this in different colours, depending on your mood. There are orange, red, blue, green, yellow, pink and purple. These lovely shades are available for your fashionable needs.

If there is anything that is important for your dogs, it would be their dog bowls. But if you are out of the house, you will need these collapsible food bowls to feed them. These are not just convenient but also a smart way for you to travel because your dogs will always be hungry or thirsty. Better to be always prepared no matter what the circumstances are. Your puppies will thank you for making sure that they enjoy your company while on trips but at the same time, they are taken care of all the time. You can now enjoy going out with them without any hassle.