Tips for the mothers using dr brown bottles

Today most of the mothers are depending on the feeding bottles to feed their baby, either the milk can be mothers or other source. There are many brands in the feeding bottles and mothers often get confused in choosing the right one for her baby. Dr. Craig brown developed a new design in feeding bottles in 1996 after a number of researches. Later it was patented in 1997 and was named as brand dr brown which produces dr brown fles and other baby products.

The manufacturers still done R&D on the feeding bottles to satisfy the mothers by helping in baby’s good health and safety. They reached the success in obtaining the trust from the mothers and today dr brown fles   is the most popular brand in the baby products, specifically the feeding bottles. The unique feature of the feeding bottles is that it is designed based on the vent system. This special vent system reduces the feeding problem, helps in digestion and also preserves the essential nutrients like vitamin from the milk.

dr Brown fles

The feeding bottles are BPA free and also free from PVC, lead and other toxic substances. The basic components of the feeding bottle are nipple, nipple collar, cover, bottle and the vent system including insert, reservoir bulb and reservoir tube. Mothers have to follow certain instruction to get the advantages of the feeding bottle to the baby.

  1. Cleaning of the bottle is very important and care has to be taken. Follow the instructions given with the manufacturer in cleaning. All the parts are dismantled and each part is cleaned and sterilized as per the instructions. Make sure that the teats and the reservoir tubes are clear before pouring the milk.
  2. There won’t be any leakages in general. But it may arise with improper usage as in following conditions.
  • If you heat the bottle with teat collar, at the time of feeding the liquid forces and the vent expands. So separate all the components while cleaning.
  • If the powdered formula is used and mixed by shaking the bottle liquid may get into the vent. It can be avoided by mixing the powdered formula with spoon.
  • The overheating of the liquid may also create vapor rise and condense in the vent. This can be avoided by not heating the liquids beyond body temperature.
  1. It is always advisable to use the bottle with vent which allows a controlled flow to the baby.
  2. Check the nipples or teats for holes or tears frequently, especially when you are using for teething kids. Always use the same brand components like teats or nipples if damaged or lost. There are different recommendations for the nipple based on the age.