Things to Look for When Buying an Online Dab Rig

glass dab rig

So you’re looking to buy an online dab rig, but you need to figure out what to look for? Well, luckily, we’ve got your back! This post outlines the top five features that make a quality dab rig, including mouthpiece material, percolator design, and joint size. When dabbing, the proper rig can make all the difference between a great experience and an unenjoyable one. 


The dab nail is an essential part of any glass dab rig. This piece holds the actual vapor-producing substance (oil or wax) and acts as the heating element in which you heat your wax or oil. The size of a dab rig’s nails is measured in millimeters, with 14mm being the most popular size for “standard” rigs and 18mm for larger-sized rigs (as shown in the picture).


A 14 mm-sized nail (including the male joint) provides the most surface area for heating. This larger heated surface area allows faster and more efficient heating and cooling than smaller nails. Pro Tip: If you buy a concentrate nail, ensure it is good quality and fits your rig correctly. Some dab nails are made too thin, so when you place them on top of a banger or female joint, they fall right through the opening and into your rig! A great example of a high-quality nail is the Chromium Crusher 14mm Male – Female Honey Comb Nail, which is made with medical grade stainless steel, allowing it to last longer and heat quicker than nails made with cheaper materials.

dab rig


Your dabbing rig’s functionality depends on its percolator’s quality and effectiveness. A bong or dab rig’s percolator filters the smoke from your dabbing nail, keeping the unwanted particulate matter from entering your mouth and lungs, giving you a smoother hit. Percolators come in a variety of designs, with each providing its unique filtering abilities.


A tree perc is one type of percolator with two slits that branch out into smaller slits, which then combine before hitting a chamber containing water (or ice), resulting in a bubbling effect. Online glass bongs with tree perc are known for their extra filtration and cooling, which results in a smoother smoking experience.


A showerhead perc consists of small, circular holes that branch into even smaller ones. This design is known for its smooth smoke while maintaining the filtration that is commonly associated with more complex percolators. Showerhead perc can be found on glass dab rigs such as the Glass Water Bong Beetle Dab Rig – Honeycomb Showerhead Percolator, which uses a honeycomb percolator design.