ultimate aim

Sales and marketing are the two main thing that s essential fora business. Usually a business is started to fulfil the needs of the people. So, these two concepts helps to reach our product or service to the people and makes them to buy those. Some business need support for this two concepts and companies like Smart Circle international will help them. However, there are 4Ps in marketing.


A product is described as a collection of properties (features, functions, benefits, and uses) that may be exchanged or used, typically in a combination of tangible and intangible forms.

As a result, a product can be an idea or a physical thing (goods). The ultimate aim of a business product is to reach the people. Product is the end result of a business. Everyone doa business to sell their product or the service.


The formal ratio that specifies the amount of money, products, or services required to purchase a particular quantity of goods or services is called the price.

It is the sum of money that a consumer must spend in order to obtain a thing.

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The act of marketing and transporting things to consumers is referred to as distribution. It is also used to indicate the amount of a product’s market reach. Distribution is represented by place in the 4Ps.


Promotion marketing, according to the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), encompasses strategies that drive short-term purchases, influence trial and quantity of buy, and are highly measurable in volume, share, and profit.

Coupons, contests, rebates, premiums, customized packaging, cause-related marketing, and licensing are some examples.

However, marketing focuses on the expectations and needs of the client, which helps to increase sales in the long run. So, you can get help from the Smart Circle International as well.