U-shaped pillow

The pleasant glow of a new mom-to-be is hard to miss. She is excited, anxious and during her final months tired with the extra weight. To help pregnant women be well rested, giving enough relief to the back and spine, there are many pregnancy pillows available online.

pregnancy pillows online


Does she need a pregnancy pillow?

Yes, pregnancy pillows are designed to conform to the changing shape of the woman during pregnancy. Her lower back, spine and hips take the most load. A night of tossing and turning makes her anxious and tired through the next day.

To have her sail through the most beautiful period, one can opt for the following types of pregnancy pillows online:

  1. Wedge shaped: These pillows slide under the baby bump to give her the height to support it or can be slid under the back.
  2. C-shaped body pillow: These pillows provide complete support to the back when rested against it. It allows for resting sideways very easy.
  3. U-shaped pillow: This pillow helps the women sleep on any side or on the back extremely comfortable raising the hips and the lower back to give relief.
  4. Memory foam body pillow: Memory filler in this pillow provides adequate support where she needs it the most. It automatically adjusts to the need.

Apart from the above types, many online companies also have options for the following:

  1. Woman carrying twins: Adequate support is provided with a U-shaped pillow for a woman having a larger abdomen than normal.
  2. Plus-sized women: A C-shaped is proven to be the best for plus-sized women.
  3. Petite or very tall women: Compact U or C shaped pillows work best for petite women and longer ones for the taller moms-to-be.

Choose the best from the various styles available online to keep that glow on.