Travel tips

Utah is one of the most picturesque states of United States and a favourite haven for adventure enthusiasts. The capital city is Salt Lake City and the state has some of the best museums and historical sites. If you want to experience history, culture and nature, Utah is the place to be. The two most important cities are the Park City and the Salt Lake City.

Here are some travel tips to know when you travel to Utah:

Park City: December to March is the time to visit Park City and for ski lovers, it is mid November to mid-April. Winter months can get severely cold. During summers, the temperature is usually lower than other parts of the state.


Public transport is easily available but renting a car would mean more convenience. You can rent a car or travel via public transportation to Park City from Salt Lake International Airport, though the latter is better. The city bus is free. If there is snow, drive slowly and carefully.  There are also many places to choose from when it comes to staying as there are high-end accommodations as well as less expensive places. Of course, there are various places to have fun as well but if you are looking at skiing and other such activities, book in advance. Buy the local newspaper Park Record for detailed information and also to get restaurant coupons. There are Visitor Information Centers that you can reach out to. Since you can walk to most of the destinations, it is best to wear comfortable shoes.

Salt Lake City:  This is a city that you can visit any time of the year. Winters get very crowded as the ski enthusiasts from all over the state and outside flock to Salt Lake City. For vacation trips, the city is best as there are many outdoor activities one can indulge in. The best months to visit are September to October. You can reach the city via direct flights and to move about in the city, public transportation is best and at the same time, you can also rent cars or taxis. Shuttle services are also available. Also, Salt Lake City is such a place that even if you do not plan a trip beforehand, you can still have a great tour as there are numerous on the spot choices for travel. But if you are keen on any specific place or activity, then it may need advance booking.