telecom providers

As the telecommunication industry advance and the internet becoming more powerful, providers are incorporating promos and packages in hope of attracting more subscribers.  They began providing more package subscription both in prepaid and postpaid.

The telecom providers have also tapped the utilization of internet with conveniences of wireless mobile data either with data cap or unlimited. It also becomes a more tight competition between providers in terms of internet speed and data management. There are also fighting for giving the best add on such as a free access to music platforms, social media, instant messaging applications and mobile games.

Post Paid

Providers have started to partner up with smartphones manufacturers to include their product as a promo for availing post paid subscription. Which is payable for 3 years and with competitive add on like free text, call, and mobile data. The providers become more competitive by giving more options with vast smartphones and flexibility of the repayment.

The most controversial problem about post paid is that once you have reached your monthly allotted data, you will be charged respectively and you will only become aware of the additional cost when you received the billing statement.


Since everyone that does not want to enter a loan contract through post paid and limit their options with providers and model of the phone, they prefer to buy a separate subscriber identity module (SIM) and load manually. Since prepaid is much more flexible especially for light users, they can save more money by just availing services that they need and just reload if they want to continue.

The problem with the prepaid though is that unlimited promos are expensive if you want to avail it for a short duration. It is also inconvenient of finding means of reloading since there are only specified outlets or loading station.

The Internet, Applications and Social Media

Since there is a tight competition, add on is becoming more attractive to subscribers and becoming more necessary since people tend to use the internet to socialize. Plans with mobile data are becoming more popular since the subscriber prefer to connect to their social media even while they are in a transit like when they are commuting and there is no available WIFI nearby.

The telecom providers also started to attract more customers by partnering with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) companies as a freebie. An access to the applications made by these voip providers for free and affordable access to have because a minimum requirement of using it. Since the VoIP is multi platform and uses the internet, it becomes more convenient means of communicating than the usual text and calls. The subscriber can personalize their messages with colorful emoticons and have free access to video call as long you are connected to the internet.

With the boost of mobile games, subscribers are more attractive to a stable internet connection and unlimited mobile data to play high graphic games on their phone. It becomes an alternative gaming entertainment than those expensive handheld gaming consoles. The providers have begun giving options such as fast internet speed with unlimited data cap to cater heavy users in the mobile gaming industry.