solar panels

Electricity becoming vital roles every one day by day.we are depending more on electrnic appliances and it costs also increasing rapidly.power cuts and all the elctronic equipment causing a lot of damage to environment. Generated through coal plants is becoming expensive by every passing day. Power cuts and increasing dependence on DG sets is causing a lot of damage to the environment. The demand supply for electricity is more in every country so it is important to think about other ways of getting and fullfilling their energy needs.many people started installing the solar pv systems for their home, offices, apartments etc. we shall know more abut these solar panels and get a clear idea why to use them and what are it advantges of using them

Solar Installer

What is a solar panel?

Solar PV cell is basic building block of a PV system. It consists of semiconductor material that absorbs sunlight to develop the electricity through an electric effect known as  “photoelectric effect”.  The rays of sun that contains a specific wavelength can generate the can also provide the heat even in cold winters but its effet will eb low than the nrmal sunny days.different and many  kinds of materials are used to create a solar cell and the efficiency of solar cell depends on the same. The efficiency of a solar cell is defined as its capability to convert a certain amount of sunlght into electricity. The solar cells are avilable with different efficiencies lie 4%,9%,12%,20% etc.

Selecting and buyying a good solar system

Before you buy a system,you make a note of the appliances an the its energy utilised by it,because after you have brought the solar panel it may be good for smaller appliances,as it requires the more energy for appliances like  air conditioners,water heaters,refrigirators etc.For this sizing should be done for the load requirements. For the high wattage needs solar panels are available in the market separately. The cost also varies when your buying higher efficiency of energy.

Other vital steps to remember before installing them

When you install and configure the solar panel it is very important to know where to be placed them because the concept behinfd using the solar panels is it generates electricity with the suns place the solar panel where the sun rays dircets fall on should be placed where there are no trees ,wires and attached case your requirements are not fulfilled consult any professional individual for installing them in a correct place for getting more benefits.