Selling house

In today’s world of buying and selling houses, it can take months or up to even years for you to find the right buyer for house. During this time, your bills might have piled up as well and aside from that, you still have to do a few repairs to the house before you can consider putting it on the market. These added costs are proving to be a headache.

There’s also that factor of your real estate agent getting his or her commission after you have sold the house. So as you can see, putting your house for sale on the market isn’t literally a walk in the park. There is an easier solution though, you might want to check out for more information about this.


No additional costs needed

The people behind Keypoint Solutions offer you hassle free services since they will be the ones to buy your house as is, that means you don’t have to pay extra for renovation and since there is no middle party involved, you won’t have to pay for commission fees as well. It’s just as easy as settling on a fair price for the house.

No obligations

With years of buying and selling houses under their belt, Keypoint Solutions will appraise your home as fairly as possible as is and when you come to terms on a price, you can consider the house good as sold. Since you are not obligated to sell the house to them, if you can’t agree on a price then they won’t force you to sell the property to them. You basically have nothing to lose when doing transactions with them.

Easy money

When both of you have agreed on a price for the house, you can expect the deal to be closed within 48 hours and you will receive cold hard cash straight from them. This is easier and faster compared to the  more traditional approach where you still have to pay for repairs and renovations to the home as per request of the prospect buyer as well as paying your real estate agent his or her commission fee. Aside from this, you still have to wait a long time for your buyer to fully pay for the house.

The people at Keypoint Solutions offer you a faster and easier way to sell your house as well as lesser expenses on your part. With years of experience, they will appraise and offer a fair price for your house as is. No additional charges, no pressure, no stress, no headaches to deal with, just straight up buying and selling.