Mario games

The good guys in Mario Bros Nintendo brought us some of the most amazing memories during our childhood back in the day. The games were captivating, addictive and most of all, provided an amazing way to pass time. At the center of it all, was the Mario Bros franchise. This featured characters such as, Mario (the lead character), Luigi (his brother), Wario, Donkey Kong, Toad and Toadette, Boo, Yoshi and Waluigi. Like every game, you have the good and bad guys. Mario is Italian, and he is a plumber.

good guys from mario brothers

We then have Luigi, who is his twin brother and is the �Player 2’ in the series. As the story goes, the Koopa (an evil tribe of turtles who practice dark magic) invade the Mushroom Kingdom. It is with this magic that they turn the Mushroom people to inanimate objects like rocks, horsetail plants and bricks. Only princess Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom can undo this evil and restore life. However, the princess is held captive by King Koopa. It is then up to Mario to rescue her for the kingdom to stand a chance. At the top of our good guy list in the game is Mario. The noble Italian plumber endeavors to rescue the Princess from King Koopa. He is the official �Player 1’ in the game. He made his debut as �Jumpman’ in Donkey Kong. Not very innovative, I know. He was renamed Mario in the 1983 release of Donkey Kong Junior. In the Mario Bros franchise, he has to conquer the 8 worlds and defeating King Koopa’s minion at each castle. The worlds are riddled with Koopa’s henchmen. Luigi is his brother. He is characterized by his white outfit and superior stature, being taller in most of the franchise games, if not all. His full name is actually Luigi Mario, meaning that Mario’s full name would then be Mario Mario. Interesting. He is the �Player 2’ and in multiplayer mode will look to conquer the worlds with Mario. The Mushroom Kingdom can only be freed from the evil magic by Princess Toadstool, later renamed Princess Peach in the game’s newer versions. She is the reason Mario and Luigi set out to conquer the worlds, as she is the kingdom’s only hope. Toad and Toadette are friends who make their appearances in spinoff games that feature Mario. These are �Mario Kart’ and �Mario Party’. Toadette is also featured in �Mario Kart: Double Dast!’ as Toad’s sidekick in the races. She is a non-playable character in Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 8. We then have Birdo (who is actually called Catherine in Japan). She is cute and primarily pink with a red bow. She shoots flaming eggs in the game. She initially appeared as Mario’s enemy in the game.

With her cute looks and fierce persona, she has been a real hit in the Mario Bros franchise. Rosalina is a non-playable character in Mario Bros. She lives in the Comet Observatory which is a world in the Mario game. After an attack, Mario’s mission is to help her restore power to her Observatory and in return she will then help him in his mission to rescue Princess Peach. She features in the Super Mario Galaxy games, a newer release. These are the good guys from mario brothers that work with and assist Mario (and Luigi) in his adventure to rescue the princess from Koopa, so that she can then reverse the evil spell cast on the Mushroom Kingdom