lie detecting tool

Nowadays, the world is a very crooked place to live in and everywhere cheating is prevalent. Anywhere you go people happen to cheat you or they use dishonest means to cause problems for you. And there are murderers and rape cases also. Robbery is also on the rise. And it has become difficult and almost impossible to separate the innocent person from the liar. Due to the arrival of new ideas you cannot tell if a person is lying or not and the liar usually behaves very innocent and they act so nicely that people are cheated easily. So, how to catch these crooks? Let’s find how the lie detection system can come of use at such times.

How is thelie detector test done?

Lying is a very simple task to be done but it not the same when it comes to finding out a liar. People come up with so many ideas to act genuine and no one can tell them apart. In fact, even when we were kids we ourselves came up with so many ideas to lie to our parents that made us look so innocent and we could escape. Likewise it is impossible to catch a liar when it comes to a larger scale. There are so many tests to catch a criminal but the lie detecting test is very useful.

lie detector test

A lie detector test actually measures a person’s general characteristics and behaviours that can give away some ideas that the person is lying. So when it is done, actually there are several sensors attached to the person. It is also called a polygraph. The signals from these multiple points are recorded on a single graph that is moving.

What does it measure?

So at the start of the test, you are asked a few normal and general questions and then the real questions regarding the problem you are involved in are asked. The detector machine measures the persons heart beat rate, their rate of blood pressure, breathing rate, the level of perspiration and so on. These features are believed to change when the exact question that the person’s actually at fault comes. And when these rates change, they consider the person to be lying. But these are not always true as certain people’s bodily characteristics change when they are put under huge pressure.