individual shisha

The shisha known today is a product that has evolved over the years. The former are said to originate in the area of ​​India and Pakistan. Here the first, rudimentary artifacts made with coconuts (for the base) were made, then passed the idea to Persia, where the design was refined and perfected.

Later the shisha arrived in Turkey (about 500 years ago), Where it immediately became very popular with upper-class people and intellectuals. Again the design was improved and reached the aspect of which we know today.

It also changed the way you prepare tobacco, initially it was normal tobacco without added flavors, and to make the experience more pleasant people mixed it with honey or sugar. Subsequently introduced the tobacco with fruit flavors that are made by mixing pulp of different fruits with tobacco to achieve a wide range of flavors. The most common were Apple, Cherry, Grape and Lemon.

Hookah shisha is now more popular all over the world. It is known by different names in several areas of the world. Smoking shisha has become a social activity, a good pretext for groups of friends and even strangers gather around to talk about all kinds of issues: politics, religion, current affairs or just to hang out together. With the wide variety of tobacco flavors available and the different designs of shishas it there is always a smoke to suit everyone. Nowadays it is bad taste to use a shisha to smoke something other than tobacco.

Depending on the locality, the water pipe is known by different names, almost all of them of Arab origin. Shisha comes from the Persian word shishe which means “vessel.” Hookah comes from the Persian nàrgil, meaning “coconut”. Smoking shisha is a phenomenon that has spread throughout the East over the centuries and eventually has reached other parts of the world, having a special appeal for some countries of the West. Although shisha has a culture hundreds of years old, it is now, recently, when it has become popular among young people in many parts of the world, especially among university students.

Traditionally, in Arab society, shisha is smoked in a group and in a single hose. When the smoker finishes his puff (smoked), either leave the hose on the table indicating that he is free or gives it to another smoker with the mouthpiece facing towards himself, never to the other person. The person receiving it gives a slight tap on the back of the hand before taking the hose.

In cafes or restaurants, each smoker usually orders an individual shisha. In Palestine, the use of shisha is very popular since smoking is one of the customs most rooted in the culture of the area. You can find shishas in cafes, restaurants, Outdoor concerts, nightclubs, etc. Some of these clubs even offer shishas for rent. In homes, shisha is usually smoked after a meal or family reunion.