extremely durable

Sash windows are the traditional type of windows which are mainly used in European countries. These windows provide a good ventilation. These windows give the elegant look for the building so the self-builders opt this. These builders does not have fear about the investment they just want the traditional look.

The maintenance of these sash windows can be taken by the experienced technicians known as advance glazing window technician. For these technicians the work is so simple and easy they can do this work very efficiently. Repainting of sash windows can be done very carefully remove the paint from each sash and bring it to normal state. While doingpainting the sash should be protected from moisture. Direct expose of sunlight can peel off the paint. In order to prevent from deterioration these windows should be painted regularly. Before applying the paint make sure that the windows should be cleaned without any dirt. Repainting of wooden windows and metal windows should be taken place for every 3 to 4 years. Painting regularly can increase the appearance. The inspection of the windows should be taken place for every season.

Repairing and Maintenance tips – A knowhow

Clean the windows for every month don’t use paper towels it remove just remove the dirt to clean the glass use only glass cleaner or cloth. Be careful windows should not stick they should slide smoothly up and down. This sticking of window takes place when the paint is sealed. If you observe this then with the help of any sharp object we can cut the edge to make free. If you observe the windows in stuck position then keep oil or wax to work smoothly.

The common problem we observe for the wooden sash window after a long period of time is having fungus or rot on the wet wood. The fungus or rot eats the entire wood if you don’t see that. If you find this rot in the beginning then you are in the safe side otherwise you want to change the total window. Timber is a best insulator we you take care of it you can maintain your window for a long time the main thing you want to do is just protect from moisture.Just keep your window clean and dry to avoid timber decay.

If you find any damaged window or leaky areas without any negligence first repair it. If you neglect in this we can face lot of problem at the end it is waste of time and waste of money.so have a look on your windows at least for 1month and keep it clean and dry because you invest a lot for constructing your building. Grab a comprehensive knowhow about these as types of windows that are extremely durable, storm safe and tough.