Call Centre Team

We at Go Green Taxis aim to reduce carbon emissions and save you money, whilst providing a first class taxi service. We employ environmentally friendlier alternatives throughout our whole business practice, to reduce the impact our business has on the environment.

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All about Go Green Taxis

We have found that cutting down on waste and being more efficient with our resources has saved us money. We believe that if we can save money then those savings should be, and are, passed onto our customers. Going Green has saved us money and it will save you money too. We do more than just say we are “Green” with a dedicated #GoGreenEcoSquad we dig deep and plant trees with local schools and community projects, use eco-friendly vehicles, use ethical and environmental resources and go the extra mile to ensure we do more.

The History

Go Green Taxis was launched as Didcot’s 1st green taxi service in October 2009 founded by Mike Hatter and Mark John. Offering of a unique, personal and first-class service with a strong commitment to helping reduce CO2 emissions has proved popular – “The Taxi that doesn’t cost the Earth”. We have revolutionised the industry which has helped us to become the key player we are today.

Our Green Thinking
Go Green as a company has committed to buying over 25 Acres of rainforest, in partnership with the World Land Trust – which in turn makes us the greenest taxi company around. To further our cause we planted over 60 Apple trees in and out Oxford.

The Valuable Team Members

With multi-skilled office staff and a fleet of highly trained drivers at the forefront of our business, has truly sets us apart from other Taxi and Private Hire firms. This has been noticed and rewarded with multiple awards from industry experts such as The QSi Awards we have won Private Hire of the Year for 2015 & 2016.

The Dedicated Call Center

At the heart of Go Green is our Call Centre Team. We hand pick our most skilled staff and train them to deliver unrivalled levels of customer service. Our Didcot based Call Centre Team take pride in delivering superb levels of support. When you need to, you can contact us over the phone or online. You will feel valued and confident that we’ll quickly and simply answer your query, or fix your problem as you talk to our skilled team.