Where is Southpole Central hotel in Cebu City?

Of course in any form of travel, whether for business or for leisure, we must learn to maximize our budget so as to enjoy every little detail during the trip, that is of course unless you have a bottomless wallet. Where you’re staying matters of course, the room rates, the amenities, the services and the accessibility. As such, looking for a fairly priced hotel to stay in would be fantastic.

In Cebu city, there are a lot of fancy hotels to stay in but the key to surviving in this urban jungle while still having enough budget to enjoy the culture is to find a good hotel that’s priced just right. The Southpole Central fits the description quite perfectly but exactly Where is Southpole Central hotel?  It is ideally situated in the middle of the business and shopping district of Cebu which makes it a prime location to stay in if you have meetings and want to go shopping afterward or if you just want to stay at a place wherein you have easy access to tourist destinations. For bookings or inquiries, head on down to www.southpolecentralhotel.com.

Stars don’t really matter

It really doesn’t matter if you stay at a 1 or 2 or 3 star hotel as long as the service can be compared to a 5 star luxury hotel and that’s what Southpole Central is exactly. A 3 star hotel which offers you 5 star quality service and amenities so when you’re in Cebu city, you’d know where to stay. Why spend a lot of money on a 5 star hotel when you can get similar amenities and services at a more affordable price?

High speed connections

Usually when staying at any hotel, there will be Wi-Fi but in some cases, the Wi-Fi isn’t really that strong so you still end up using your phone’s data all the while whilst staying at the hotel. Well, you won’t experience slow Wi-Fi connections when you stay at the Southpole Central since they have high speed fiber internet can readily be accessed by guests and is also Wi-Fi ready as well and get this, you can get up to 100mbs download speeds.

Who doesn’t love free food?

Everybody loves food, especially if it’s free. Well, when staying at the Southpole Central Hotel, you get to have free breakfast every day! With a wide selection of food for breakfast, you’ll never run out of something new to eat for the duration of your stay at the hotel for sure.

The Southpole Central Hotel is probably to most ideal hotel to stay in when is Cebu, quality services, amenities, luxurious rooms; you might probably think that you’re staying at a 5 star hotel. Situated in the heart of Cebu’s business and shopping district, the hotel is a perfect place for a staycation. Extend your business trip a couple more days to fully enjoy what Cebu has to offer while enjoying your stay at the hotel or extend your staycation to get the most out of your trip to Cebu.