The Sexy Secret of Drinking Patriot Power Greens

The Sexy Secret of Drinking Patriot Power Greens

No doubt you’ve noticed several changes in your body when you reached middle age. You see a few more wrinkles. You tend to get tired faster. likewise, so called senior moments seem to happen often. Chances are you expected these changes to happen.

However, it’s possible you didn’t count on one change aging can bring about. Low libido. It can happen to men and women alike. It’s the result of excess estrogen in the body. Other sexual problems specific to men and women can also crop up with aging.

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The leading sexual problem for middle aged men

Middle aged men are at risk of erectile dysfunction. Decreased levels of testosterone and poor blood flow to the penis are some of the reasons behind it. Likewise, loss of elasticity of the erectile tissue and weakened nerve function can cause it. Apart from biological issues, health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease also contribute to the problem.

The leading sexual problem for middle aged women

Middle aged women are at risk of vaginal dryness. This is the result of decreased estrogen levels. It occurs often among women who are already menopausal. Hence, having sex becomes uncomfortable for women who experience this problem. However, the reasons aren’t only biological in nature. Psychological and emotional factors can also contribute to its occurrence. As it turns out, anxiety can cause inadequate blood flow and lead to dryness.

Dealing with your sexual problems

Dealing with this type of problem can be embarrassing for some. Chances are if you’re experiencing any of these you’d want to keep it to yourself. Yet you don’t need to suffer through it. You have options to help you deal with your sexual problems.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction can take medication. Mechanical devices or surgical implants are also possible to remedy the problem if medications aren’t sufficient. Women who suffer from vaginal dryness can undergo hormonal therapy. However, this could raise the risk of heart disease, even breast cancer.

Another option is to drink greens. According to reviews on patriot power greens, helping people who suffer from sexual problems is one of its unexpected, yet welcomed benefits. Its trademark blend of 40 fruits and vegetables help get rid of free radicals in the body. As a result, it improves the levels of nitric oxide. In turn, it increases testosterone levels.

Feel free to express your love regardless of your age.