School hacks Before School Start

School is one of the most interesting phases of life. Interesting because, technically we are tension less and you can enjoy your time as much as you an. Parents and teachers are the people who has to worry about your exams and fees. However, after holidays going back to school can be little clumsy thing to do. Hence, we provide you benefits of school hacks. These hacks are meant to make your life and school days less clumsy than before.

School Hack: DIY sticky notes

The first school hack is to make DIY note pads. Use your old exam pads or any cardboard. Design it with different colour papers and stickers. Use four different types of sticky notes. Write all the things to do or list of assignments or projects to complete. Since you make a note of these on your sticky notes, you can remove them when you have completed them or stick these stick papers where ever you want.

School hacks

School Hack: Mark up Pages

With the start of new session of school, you will be bundled with new subjects, new books and finally exams. Hence, to ease the pressure of exams at the ending, make sure you start from now. While starting a new book, leave some pages empty at the beginning. Later you can fill these pages with table of contents and glossary or keywords.

School Hack: Sorting out

If your study table is piled with too many assignment papers and files, make use of stuff available at home to sort them out. Use dish washing container to sort them out. In order to recognize the subjects and files, use colour coding technique. This technique can be applied for books in your bag too. By this way, you do not have to keep searching all the books to find the required subject.

School Hack: Searching, Searching and Searching…

If you want to search for information on the internet, then stop the old trend of searching information on Google tool bar. Instead,you can go to “”. You will get all the information and additional links on this site. Else, if you want to search information in books, then use bibliography or index page of the book, in order to get your work done faster.

School Hack: Listen

If you are tired of reading information on the computer, then use speech option or make use of audible books.The speech option is the great way to understand the subjects. All you need is a speaker or headphones. There are many audible books in the market; these are comparatively better than reading books on kindle or any reading site.

Lastly, the important thing for your school is school bag. You can place an emergency kit in the bag.