SAPS Online School Examinations Analysis System

 Alongside the quick stream of modernization and mechanical improvement, the Ministry of Education Malaysia has built up a committed online application went for encouraging guardians and watchmen to know increasingly plainly on their test outcomes and their youngsters’ exams. Guardians and watchmen can use the advantages inborn in the presence of this framework in arranging youngsters’ learning trips and conquering the troubles looked by them in each subject taken.

The outcomes will be made out of evaluations one to six and are accessible for optional school choice audit. Evaluations of each subject and in addition position in the class are likewise shown. Guardians take after a wide range of data essentially by marking in to the official SAPS site. Shared clear strides to make it less demanding for guardians and watchmen to check understudy comes about on this SAPS Online site.

Confirmation Date of SAPS Exam Score

Consummation every exam season or even the test will be a sitting tight minute for guardians/gatekeepers. They are unquestionably anticipating finding out about their kids’ execution amid the learning time frame. Try not to be terrified, you don’t need to check SAPS day by day or week by week interims to get refreshes from youngsters’ subject instructors. You just need to check the information in the table underneath to get a proper time spending plan for registration to the SAPS site and to break down the youngster’s own particular execution. If it’s not too much trouble note, after culmination of each trial or exam, subject educators will fill in data, for example, evaluations and scores inside the time set by the Ministry of Education.

SAPS Online School Examinations Analysis System

Among the aftereffects of tests and tests that can be checked on through SAPS are as per the following:

       Test 1 and 2

       Transitional and Year-End Exams

       Trial Exam for Primary School Assessment Test (UPSR), Form 3 Examination (PT3) and Certificate of Education Malaysia (SPM)

Full consequences of open examinations, for example, UPSR, PT3 and SPM can not be checked by means of the SAPS System. Rather, please contact the school, State Education Department or Examinations Board to get itemized data, for example, evaluations and grades per subject.


Here are the means in utilizing the Saps Ibu Bapa 

1.      Fill in the No Certificate of Birth of the tyke (for the essential) or NO KP (for the secondary school). You are reminded to fill in any subtle elements accurately.

2.      Tap on the kind of exam result that your survey needs.

3.      Tap on the Year of Choice (please select the year list showed on your menu) to survey the consequences of the exam.

4.      At that point click check.

5.      The following is a case of the SAPS exam comes about.