Why you need fitness for life

It is truly said that how you end up being in life is the sum total of the choices you make. Health is indeed wealth and being physically fit also means you are mentally healthy as well. It is not just for a few phases in your life that you should remain fit but it should be a way of life, to be practised regularly.

Be fit today and enjoy life forever

More physical activity and spending some time exercising and eating healthy are the key tips to remain fit. It does not require much efforts but it contributes to healthy body functions. As age advances, body organs start to slow down and slowly, start malfunctioning. That is when diseases start creeping in. With regular fitness, you can enhance cellular growth and thereby enhance strength and vitality of cells, which in turn, promotes healthier and better functioning of body organs and different processes in the body.

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Being physically fit not only helps to control your weight but it also means stronger muscles and bones, healthier lungs and heart and improved flexibility and endurance. In fact, fitness helps to keep you young. The best medicine to remain young forever is fitness.

Studies have indicated that people who are physically active have a lesser risks of cardiovascular diseases while those who lead a sedentary life can be at a higher risk. Thus, fitness can prevent heart diseases, one of the killer diseases that are a leading cause of deaths all over the world. Wall sit is for testing lower body and leg muscle strength and endurance. It involves sitting with knees at right angles, against an invisible wall and holding the position as long as possible while breathing freely.

Your daily fitness schedule also keeps you happy as enhanced blood circulation leads to better oxygen transportation, to all body parts including brain. Your mental health improves and depression and stress becomes a matter of past.

Thus, to be healthy and to be happy, one should have fitness goals in life. Regular exercises and nutritious food can keep you fit for life and that means, no ills and no pills but only gains.