The Monitor: Is it an Important Gaming Accessory?

When buying a gaming PC, thechoosing monitor may not be topon your list. But themonitor is different from other hardware accessories. Gaming is avisual experience. The monitor is the display unit and you have to stare at it all the time while playing. So it deserves thehighest importance.Monitor specifications and features determine how quickly you can react to a game. Here is why themonitor is most important gaming accessory.

  1. If you are a serious player, playing racing or shooter game, then response time matters more. That response time depends on the gaming monitor you use.
    Thebest gaming monitor must have fast response time. IPS panels have slower response times than TN panels.
  2. Input lag is another major a concern for competitive gamers. This is different from mouse lag. It is how quickly you can react to a game. Even casual gamers don’t like large input lag.
  3. A higher refresh rate is desirable for many gamers. Chose monitors with 120 Hz or 144 Hz to 60 Hz.  It stops screen tearing.
  4. Resolution is another important factor. 1080p(1920 x 1080)is the minimum resolution you have to choose, below which the clarity is not sufficient for gaming.1440p (2560 x 1440, Quad-HD) is better than 1080 p. The resolution defines the picture clarity.
  5. 24″ @1920X1080 is the favourite monitor size for most of the players. 27” monitor will be a better choice than 24”.
  6. Choosing between an LCD and LED determines many factors like power consumption, color, brightness, viewing angles, and price. LCD cost is less than LED. But LED consumes less energy than LCD. LED monitors suits for gaming monitors.
  7. A gaming monitor must be provided with connecting equipment that is suitable for all types of game consoles.


Gaming mоnіtоrs are very іmроrtаnt accessories as gamers spend more time watching games.