Manage Your Child’s Internet Browsing Activities With Parental Control Apps

Dangers are not just out in the physical world as there are many underlying risks on the online realm as well. Our tech-savvy children are continuously exposed to the threats of the Internet as they log into their social media accounts or browse websites every day without us knowing about it. Monitoring your child’s online presence has even become more challenging with the rise of smartphones and mobile gadgetry took the world by storm.

Thankfully, mobile app developers knew about this challenge and proceeded to create applications to help parents monitor their children’s online activities.

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Notable Parental Monitoring and Control Applications to Consider

Norton Family Premier for Android

When it comes to monitoring a child’s online activities, almost no other app can hold a candle to what the Norton Family Premier application for Android devices can offer. The mobile application packs just about any feature parents would want in mobile device parental control apps. It has app-monitoring, location-tracking, and Web-filtering features, just to name a few.

With the use of Norton Family Premier’s web filtering functionality, it helps keep your child away from unwanted content and questionable websites. Furthermore, parents can use this feature to set times for when the child can use an Android phone. But perhaps the best feature offered by the software is its location-tracking capabilities as parents can check if their kids are properly staying in school or if the child cut classes.

While the app can block access to specific websites, it cannot, however, block specific texters and callers. Nonetheless, the overall set of features makes it an ideal choice for any parent who wants to maintain a watchful eye on what their kids are doing with their Android smartphones.

ESET Parental Control for Android

The ESET Parental Control app is for parents who are concerned about the time their children spends on their Android devices. Setting this mobile application is reasonably straightforward, and there’s also a step-by-step easy-to-follow process upon the first launching of the program on the smartphone.

Startup configuration includes automatically setting web filters based on particular subjects, and these are easily adjustable with simple hand gestures while using the app. Limiting Internet usage for a child’s Android smartphone is also reasonably simple to do, and it’s just a matter of heading towards the application’s Fun & Games label.

ESET also has a phone tracking feature, but the accuracy and location log is not as good as what Norton can offer with the Family Premier. Also, the user interface might be unappealing for some users as the overall simplicity means less overall monitoring and control functionalities as compared to the likes of Norton. Nonetheless, this app is a great place to start for parents who want to begin restricting their child’s mobile accesses.

Net Nanny

Many mobile applications offer parental filtering controls for questionable and unwanted web content, but one of the best in this regard is Net Nanny. This particular monitoring app reliably blocks inappropriate websites and images, and it can also mask profanity. Furthermore, it can also give out a warning to your child about some content they’re trying to access instead of blocking it. Another useful feature brought about by Net Nanny is letting parents let kids gain access to a certain app for a set period.