We Lock Your Security with Our Quality

Are you looking for locksmith, Clinton Township area? We could provide you with what you are looking.

We are Reliable Lock and Key. The #1 Metro Detroit Tri County locksmith that has been serving since 1990. We have been part of ensuring top level security to residents and organizations in the area. We offer auto, residential, and commercial locksmith services. Should you need us in time of emergency, we assure you of our 24/7 locksmith services.

Knowing Reliable Lock and Key

Reliable Lock & Key has been in business for 15+ years serving the Detroit Metro area with our services. We are highly rated online and our customers have nothing but good things to say about us. We operate in all parts of the Metro Detroit area spanning from the city to the suburbs.


Our Services

We provide every locksmith related service you need. Our residential locksmith services include rekeys, lockouts, lost keys, door repair, and home camera systems. Our automobile locksmith services include lost car keys, door locks, cut by code, and key programming. In addition, we also have our commercial locksmith services including door repair, continuous hinge, and master key systems. You think these are all we can give? We still have a lot of locksmith services that we can offer you. Check our website for more of the other services we offer.

When Do You Need Us?

Car keys and home keys are the most commonly lost items by Americans in a 2015 survey by a Bluetooth tracking company. According to the same survey, it takes less than a week before respondents accept that they lost the items already. Come to think of having to wait for one week to use your car or to open your house. You need not to be in this situation for days. We are here to save you from having to experience this. No one can make you secure and safe than us. Why then would you have to wait to have your keys lost before you ask your services? But if you already have lost your keys, we don’t want you to feel desperate about it.

Making Your House Safe from Burglars

The use of the front door serves as the most common way of how burglars break in. One of the suggested ways to avoid this is upgrading your locks. We at Reliable Lock and Key could do this for you. You can trust us just like the thousands of people who entrusted the security of their home and families to us.

A locksmith is what you need to lower your or your company’s risk to strengthen your security layer from an intruder. Why don’t you try our services? We have proven for more than 15 years the kind of quality and security we could provide you with our services. Give us a call and we would willingly work for you. You can call us anytime you think you need our services because we are here 24/7 for you.