What are the legal aspects regarding polygraph tests in the UK?

What are the legal aspects regarding polygraph tests in the UK

Lie detector tests have been a part of our lives since early 19th Century when John Larson, a Canadian psychologist invented it and used it for solving actual cases. Since then, the polygraph test haven’t gone much changes and maybe that’s why people have now found goo methods of cheating this test.

The test can give most accurate results when conducted by a well-trained professional. You cannot just make anyone go through a polygraph test that easily unless it is something important like a criminal or civil case, to prove someone’s innocence, or for the screening of employees who are going to join an organization that deals with sensitive information like the FBI or the CIA. To know more about when a polygraph test can be done in the UK, visit www.liedetector.uk.

The polygraph test gave rise to many controversies which prevail even today mainly due to its accuracy. It is said that a standard polygraph test has the accuracy level of 60-95%. Even though polygraphs are used to solve cases at the court, it is argued that the level variation of ambiguity in the results of these test make them unfit for any kind of decision making at the court.

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Before thinking about conducting a polygraph test over someone, you need to learn well about the legalities regarding this process in the UK. These legal norms can vary from state to state around the world who accepts the use of a polygraph test.

The major risk that involves in using a polygraph test to make decisions in a criminal case is that an innocent person could be punished or a culprit could be let free. However, the British law does not fully prohibit the use of polygraphs in the court. The use of a polygraph test is fully illegal. But nobody can force someone to undergo a polygraph test or conduct a polygraph test on them without their permission.

The lie detector or polygraph was added to the police armory in the UK in January 2014. The offender management Act, 2007 made clear a few things clear regarding the usage of polygraph tests on a suspect. The police will use them only on suspects related to sex offending cases and with their consent.

In the US, the polygraph tests have a lengthy history of being used by law enforcement officers. However, the UK has always been careful and skeptical about the usage of these lie detectors. To know more about lie detectors, the legality associated with their usage, where they can be used and under what conditions, visit www.liedetector.uk.