If you’re renting an apartment which you stay in, then you need to be aware of the rights and privileges that you can wield. A lot of tenants are unaware of these basic rights that some of them just accept the abuse by the unfair landlords they have to deal with.

You don’t have to be one of them. Educating yourself on what can protect you is empowering. It’s almost like having a shield to prevent any unlawful action from taking place. Whenever property disputes and threats of eviction come about, you’ll be safe in knowing what you can and cannot do. While getting a lawyer is the best way to settle anything, it’s always best to at least learn for yourself the difference between right and wrong when it comes to property.

Time to Evict

The way renting an apartment works is simple. You pay the landlord each month the amount that is required for rent, then you get to stay. If you don’t pay, then you don’t stay. Easy, right? But, it can get a little complicated when you deal with the landlord. One rule you need to know is that in any case that the tenancy should be ceased (whether that be due to the landlord or the tenant themselves) a 30 day notice to terminate tenancy must be given prior to doing so. If you’re the tenant, no one can force you to leave immediately without first giving you a proper heads up.

No Discrimination Allowed

Another powerful law in place is one that protects people from discrimination acts. When you’re denied service, or treated differently because of your age, religion, sexual orientation, or race, then you should know that the law is on your side. In case of property, landlords should treat their tenants fairly and equally. None should get discriminatory treatment. So, if you’ve spotted advertisement on apartments for rent but exclude a particular group of people, then that’s tantamount to discrimination.

When you’re a tenant or looking for an apartment to stay in, it’s always wise to know your rights. Not all landlords act the same and some can be incredibly unfair for no reason. If you can’t avoid them then it’s best to know how to defend yourself from their actions. Several laws are enacted for this particular reason. It’s just up to you to learn about them and use them to your defense.