Its high time to ponder over Environmental Issues

Planet earth is on the edge of destruction. It`s a bitter truth to gulp down the throats but this is the harsh reality. A reality which if not looked into immediately possesses the power to vanish the human existence from this planet.  The impact of the human activities on the planet earth has severe consequences which should be dealt appropriately in order to save earth.

But how do we approach this? Considering majority of the masses are unfortunately unaware of what`s exactly going on in the environment in which they thrive. People hardly know the impact of their voluntary and involuntary actions on the planet and this is the worst part. The only way to initiate is to educate the people and raise and awareness within them towards the environment. Towards the hazardous effects of the changing climate, global warming, large scale deforestation etc.

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Save earth Website

It`s a website which has several quiz questions relating to environmental issues.The website has officially been coded as per the planetary boundaries model which was developed by the Stockholm Resilience Centre.  The boundaries being defined in this model are accurate and they represent the true picture of earth.

 The motive of the website is to instill knowledge and wisdom in the people as far as the environmental issues go by.  The website has the latest and relevant information on environment news stories.  There`s also a graphical representation of topics so that a viewer totally gets what is being told or explained. The video at the bottom of the page helps an individual to understand the true consequences.  There`s also a video representation of earth from the space which demonstrates the environmental issues clearly.

Now what makes these quiz questions relevant enough to help in conserving the environment. On the website, are the number of topics discussed in length like deforestation, global warming, biodiversity losses, the groundwater depletions, degradation of land, pollution caused by nitrogen etc. So, a reader gets immense knowledge on these issues and when after gaining considerable knowledge comes to the quiz questions, the application of knowledge derived comes into effect. These quiz questions aim to turn an eco-warrior into eco- novices. On a total, the website has 60 questions to answer on a range of environmental topics.  It`s a sort of test which tests the knowledge grasped in by a reader.All these quiz questions and answers aren’t a compulsion on the people, but as an inhabitant of this planet it becomes our duty to work towards preserving the environment using the best possible efforts in doing so.