Getting the Best Spyder Paintball Weapon to Power up The Thrill

Sometimes, you’re confused about what paintball gear to purchase. It is because of the number of sellers outside which increase to your agitation. When it comes to the exciting world of paintball, narrowing down your search should be considered in line. Before buying exceptional spyder paintball guns, it is always good to weigh down your decision.


Kingman SPyder MR100 Pro

For beginner players, the MR100 Pro is one of the best choices to have. Everything you need for the game is all catered by this specific marker. Its shape is similar to that used by the military which adds the thrill of the game. More than that, accuracy and precision are suited with this paintball masterpiece as well. It obtains an EKO valve which shoots 1600 shots per 20oz of CO2. The stunning piece is durable because of its high-quality materials.

Victor Paintball Marker 3Skull

3Skull is very popular because of its light weight and fresh look. This option comes with a tool-free striker plug which is pretty helpful during the game. As for handling, the Victor paintball marker 3skull is good to go with it since it provides speedier shooting. You’ll never get troubles with your budget as well since this masterpiece is budget-friendly.

MR6 Paintball Gun

MR6 features a lower mag-feed and a dual loading system. It is highly innovative as it acquires a unique patent design which permits users to alter the loading system easily. It works with just a quick turn of the barrel. If you’re looking for an excellent alternative to the Cronus from Tippmann, MR6 supplies it for you.


Looking for these items is fairly easy. The difficult part is when you are not familiar with the seller. To help you with this, talking to a professional is worthwhile. This is great especially when you’re just buying your first paintball weapon. There are surely tons of questions which you want to ask this professional. Go on and check him out.


Typically, paintball guns and gears cost you about $40 to $2000. High-end gears are more expensive which requires you to get more cash in your pocket. Only hop to an option which you can afford. If you are not yet ready to purchase, then try renting one. This is a clean reply as well.


For your decision, know the type of games you will be playing. If what you want are casual games, then you may opt for a mechanical gun. This type of paintball weapon is great for beginners. But if you are aiming for a competitive play, try to hop to electric rifles. These weapons are semi-automatic but are very priced than the latter.