Gaming community in Korea for video games

Video games are an integral part of the lives of people of Korea. Playing video games is much more than just a pastime. It’s more of an important social activity. More than half of the population of South Korea is involved in playing online video games regularly. South Korea has even built a strong economy in the video game sector. A significant part of the GDP of South Korea is made up by the gaming industry.

Most of the video games played by the people of Korea are cooperative or competitive and hence multiple people play the same game at the same time.

The gaming community in Korea also organizes various gaming tournaments. The professional game players in South Korea earn high salaries.

A PC Bang or a LAN Centre:

A PC bang or a LAN Centre is basically a place with computers connected in a Local area network type configuration. These places allow the users to play multi player games for an hourly fee. The LAN Centres also organize different gaming tournaments and parties. Though the per capita access to the broadband internet services is highest in South Korea ( 25.4 out of 100 residents, even higher than the 16.8 of the US), most people go to the LAN Centres to play video games. Due to the popularity, the fee of these gaming centres is not much. Most of the LAN centres are quite cheap, with the hourly fee of $1. 00 to $1.500.

High population density and less options for recreational activities make PC Bangs more prevalent in the big cities of South Korea like, Seoul.

The two major game development companies of South Korea are :

  • Nexon

The two full time video game television networks of the country are :

  • Ongamenet
  • MBC game