Find Out How Corporates Grab Market

An adage says: “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” Such is the power of a visual.  Business has understood this concept very long back and often used it as a major weapon to reach million hearts. Yes, we are talking about the role of videos in interpreting the very essence of a particular product or theme. Modern corporates have gone a step ahead and brought in new technologies like HD cameras and new security measures to make them more remarkable. Companies like Hub spot and Zen desk have outstanding online Videos that mesmerise audience with every click. Corporate video production has many faces to it. It can be anything from a promotional video to a training video.

Big business organisations undertake video production for almost everything that they do. They also differ from regular videos, the primary difference being target audience. In regular videos target audience are general public where as in Corporate ones audience are selective and limited. Generally they are either the employees or clients. What do corporates use videos for? Why? What all does corporate video production need?

Types of corporate videos:

Training videos: Videos can be used for internal training ranging from new software training, new rules and amendments, general up gradation of skill sets etc. It is comparatively cheaper than

inperson training and can be used for future trainings as well.

Video conferences: These videos are the ones used for interaction between two or more people living in different places when an urgent task has to be done. This enables live chatting and solutions to problems then and there. These can be displayed in presentations or in trade booths.

Promotional videos: These are used to target a specific initiative particularly while launching a new product or service. This is more like publicity to the new entrants of the market.

Internal communication videos: Corporates make use of internal communication videos when they want to announce something internally like financial results or major transformations going to happen in the company.

Social initiative videos: Corporates are not confined to making money these days. They are moving out of their comfort zone and taking social causes as their responsibility. For these kind of initiatives, videos play a major role in educating the uneducated.

They can also be used to create brand awareness, safety briefing and advertising campaigns. There are also you tube videos filmed on various contexts by corporates as a helping hand in fighting various causes like war victims, child labour, water scarcity etc. In a way, corporates target both self-gain and society gain also through awe-inspiring videos.