Factors to consider while buying a video surveillance system

For external video surveillance, the determining factor is the perimeter to be monitored , that is the distance between each camera and the area furthest away from it, as well as analyzing potential shaded areas ; making a mistake in this sense practically means not having any kind of protection. Visit forbel.com to know more.

The camera

It is also possible to use a simple wireless fixed camera. An ideal solution to keep the environments to be protected under control even when no one is present; seeing what happens in an environment from your smartphone or tablet in real time, or in some cases interacting with the framed environment, is certainly a great way to increase your safety!

Motion sensors

In addition to identifying attackers, it is essential to detect their presence immediately. In this case, nothing is more effective than motion sensors that detect anomalous changes in both the volumetric movement, through microwaves and ultrasounds, and changes in the heat of the bodies with the aid of infrared rays. Check out more details about Video Surveillance Installation Service in Chicago.

The opening sensors

Another solution to be combined with a video surveillance system is the installation of opening sensors. Securing accesses with systems that signal the opening of doors and windows guarantees greater peace of mind when homes, shops or warehouses are left unattended.