Entrepreneur and Acclaimed Developer

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Who is Marc Roberts?

But Marc Roberts, a real estate agent in the city of Miami, has not yet been named despite having 90% of the city’s best-selling properties. While few may be able to pick him out of the crowd during the Heat home game, all can agree that Marc Roberts built Miami in the new century and continues to advance the city scene to new heights. Marc Roberts Miami has created some of the most successful projects in the history of the city. He oversaw some of the most iconic buildings, monuments, and monuments in South Florida and around the world. He has been a key player in the multi-billion dollar projects that have helped breathe new life and splendor into many parts of Miami.

Projects include the Brightline Station and the Art and Science Museum, linked to other modern sites scattered throughout Miami. Five other new buildings include the American Airlines Arena, Federal Courthouse, Federal Justice Campus, and the Arsht Performance Art Center.

Marc Roberts: Sports Management Work

Marc Roberts has played games since he was a little boy. He started with basketball. His love of sport continued at American University, where he is still able to help lead their Division 1 basketball team to victory playing under head coach Gary Williams.

Russell (Boo) Bowers was a member of Marc Robert’s basketball team. Boo Bowers was the top scorer for American University and led the entire college basketball with the points earned.At the gym one day, coach Williams noticed that Boo was lazy and asked why. Boo told his coach that agents had been knocking on his door all day, and he had not slept the day before.

Although Marc Roberts Miami had only played college football for a few weeks at a time, he saw an opportunity and decided to take it. Soon, Roberts had convinced Boo that he was the best man to be his agent. When Boo got on board, Marc started registering other players, even the referee, and anyone else he could think of representing.

The Plainfield Athletic Club approached him when a local newspaper wrote an article about a young man who represented many athletes and asked if he would like to represent the best boxers. Marc Roberts Miami was able to achieve success even at a very young age. At the age of 19, he became the youngest man to ever promote professional boxing. His sport and entertainment empire was born. Roberts enjoyed a long and elaborate career as a sports management professional and left only his full-time role because his housing development work demanded more.