DJ – The New Wedding Entertainers

Weddings are much awaited occasions at any given point of time. They are in fact a part of our culture. It absolutely knows no barriers and boundaries of religion, country or caste. They bring in lot of joy and fervor and keep the families of the bride and groom on toes constantly in pursuit of something or the other.  At least one month before the wedding, the big list of To-Dos comes in mind and the thick and thin of both sides are busy shopping for the occasion, preparing the invitee list, arranging for a food caterer and not to forget, the entertainment arrangements. The hosts leave no stone unturned to keep the guests engaged and to make it a memorable day in their too. The most promising and fulfilling entertainment would be to hire a WEDDING DJ.

A DJ or Disc Jockey is a person who plays recorded music in parties, functions and weddings. He/she brings with the necessary music equipment and band. But with changing times and increasing demand for DJ music, there arrived live Jockeys and bands who also create music and play it live. There are different types of DJs like Radio Jockey, Video Jockey, Club Jockeys and Internet Jockeys.  There are again mobile DJs like Wedding DJs who are specialised in playing and sometimes creating different genres of music according to the requirements of the audience.

  • They bring their own sound equipment from mikes to speakers to DJ decks.
  • They leave the audience enthralled throughout, with their skillful performances and fine choices of notes and tunes.
  • They also make audience a part in their plays and create fresh music going by their choice of requests.
  • They fine tune traditional and contemporary music and create a fusion mix to give a touch of all genres of music.
  • They have attention in every detail like if the micro phone is not working, what’s the alternative? A song in the list is not played, where is the substitute? So that the crucial moments of the evening do not fade off.
  • Getting all age groups into the loop and play accordingly is a challenging note. The hip hop, pop songs, 80s ardent ones,90s nostalgias …as a DJ they should have an intimate knowledge of diversity.

So, this time when you plan for a big entertainment don’t forget to shake a leg and join the bash. Well the happiness in their faces says it all.