Design Comes To Life With Architectural Visualisation

architectural design

Architectural visualisation is creating two and three dimensional images of drawings for the purpose of illustrating the proposed features of an architectural design. These images can be created either by using 3d modelling techniques or can be drawn by hand. A combination of hand drawn images and computer generated images can also be used. Architectural visualisation is majorly used to make design and architectural analysis before a building is made. It is used by builders, estate agents, interior designers and architects to make presentations for marketing and sales purpose, client meetings and presentations for permits and license, for tender proposals and so on.

Architectural Visualisation

There are different modes of architectural visualisation like still illustrations, floor plans, 3d movies, virtual tours, panoramic illustrations and many other types of graphical details. It helps the buyers or investors to have an exact visualisation of how a property will be developed before the actual work starts as it is easy to make layout and design changes in the beginning.

Before the advent of 3d visualisation, builders and architects used 2d drawings to depict floor plans and building designs. But these 2d drawings are not easy to understand for layman and also took a long time to prepare. With the advent of computer graphics have led to the increased use of 3d illustration which offers a photo like view of the property, it’s design, the look of the property in context to the surroundings and the landscaping. Virtual tools help the clients to get an all round 360 degree view of the project and its amenities before the actual construction begins.

There are different types of visualisation like the exterior visualisation which depicts the exterior appearance of the building, its amenities, the surroundings and the landscaping. Interior visualisation depicts the interiors of home or an office, it’s features, furniture placement, lighting effect, wall and floor pattern etc. Visualisation can also be used for renovating and redevelopment projects to show how the property will look after the renovation.

These visualisations are done using the powerful 3d modelling and rendering software like CAD, VRay Maxwell, Rhino. With the help of these software designers and 3d artists create designs in real time. These designs help to develop an understanding between the different stakeholders in the project like the engineers, architects, planners and interior designers. It is easy to implement changes in designs after mutual consultations between the stake holders.