Yoga is an ancient practice well known for building inner strength and flexibility of human body. It calms the mind, inclines a person towards spiritual enlightenment and reduces stress. Well known about the benefits of meditation many people prefer to practice it.

Advantages of Meditation Cushion

Meditation can be practiced in different positions based on the body structure of an individual as each individual has a unique body structure. Some of the meditations positions are half lotus, full lotus, Kneeling, Chair, lying down etc. The position that is chosen to practice meditation makes the difference, as it influences posture and may raise discomfort.

In order to overcome the problems of discomfort and improper posture while meditation, meditation cushions can be used.

When a person sits to meditate the body succumbs to the surface on which it rests and gives pressure to hips, thighs, ankles, spine and shoulders. Basic meditation cushion is round cushion which can be used to practice meditation in sitting position. It mainly influences the meditation posture, alignment and comfort. There are different types of cushions in different shapes available to support and ease the posture according to the criteria of each individual.

To Say about such cushions, cosmic cushion, it has a fortune cookie shape cushion and an extended cushion support which supports the thighs and ankles, ideal for taller and persons with less flexibility. Zabuton cushion reduces the pressure on knees and ankles during sitting posture meditation, which is placed under the basic meditation cushion known as Zafu to help the proper alignment of the body. Kneeling cushion is used to reduce the discomfort in hip joints. Rectangular cushion, it is mostly used by the meditation experts.

Comfort is one of the advantages other than posture alignment. The comfort given by a meditation cushion mainly depends on the type of material used to manufacture it. The materials such as kapok cotton, Buck wheat hulls and wool are used for manufacturing, which are covered with various cloths and designs to make them more attractive.The selection of the cushion of a particular material depends on the preference and usage of a person.

Portability is also an advantage of these cushions, being light weight and small size most of the cushions can be carried anywhere during travels. Some cushions even have a side strap which makes them much easier to carry.

Thus the meditation cushions with their eye catching appearance comfort and flexible usage inspires many people to begin meditation and fill them with positive energy.

During your meditation sessions, it is best if you will be using the best cushion or pillow. This is important for you to be able to maintain your posture and be at your most comfortable state while on your journey to connect with your inner self. Choosing the appropriate meditation cushion would depend on your meditation posture, the proper alignment, comfort as well as the look and feel of the cushion.

best cushion or pillow

         One Mind Dharma, founded by Matthew and Elizabeth Sockolov, have listed down some of the best meditation cushions that they can recommend. However, before looking at your options, it is important to understand why you need a meditation cushion, and how to choose the best out of the many options that you have.

The Need for a Meditation Cushion

            The human body is not flat, it’s not curved either. If you don’t have the proper support, you will not be able to succumb to the surface where you rest. This is the reason why your legs and hips, as well as your spine, shoulders, and head do not align which can result in discomfort. The meditation cushions will help you improve your posture and comfort level while on meditation. Like any other activities, meditation also requires the proper tools to make sure that your session is successful.

The Meditation Cushions

           There are lots of meditation cushions that are available on the market today. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and color. You can choose from those that you are most comfortable with. These cushions are also made from different materials. Each of the specifically designed cushions can suit your personal needs during your meditation. You should always consider the height of the cushion, the softness of the fabric, and how it can support your body.

Where to Find Meditation Cushions

            Elizabeth, of One Mind Dharma, recommends three of her most favorite meditation cushion suppliers. Mala Collective Cushions are her personal favorite because of its beautiful designs. You can also use the organic meditation cushions from Bean Products, as well as the inscribed meditation cushions from Buddha Groove. These are her top picks when it comes to design and comfort.

The cushions are the basic tools that you use in your meditation practice. These will support the body in so many ways of your meditation postures which can create a proper alignment and comfort. You can choose from the traditional, or the contemporary designs, as long as it helps improve your meditation experience.

There are a ton of good Treadmills under 1000, you just need to know where to look and I’m not just telling you about some items that are used and refurbished. I’m talking about brand new products that are a good value for money.

For many people (believe it or not) $1000 is the limit, why do you think the iPhone X was priced at $999? That’s right! Because more than a grand hurts a lot and people knew it, this is the same though with a treadmill.

Some treadmills under $1000: Here are some great treadmills that you can get online under $1000:

Ø  LifeSpan TR 1200i Treadmill (2016-2017 Model)

Ø  ProForm Power 995i Treadmill (2016-2017 Model)

Ø  SOLE Fitness F63 Home Treadmill

Ø  XTERRA Trail Racer 6.6 Home Treadmill

Ø  Horizon Fitness T101-4 Folding Home Treadmill

Ø  3G Cardio Lite Runner Folding Treadmil (2016-2017 Model)

Ø  AFG Sport 5.5AT Electric Folding Treadmill

Ø  Schwinn MY16 830 Home Treadmill (2016-2017 Model)

The current best ones: The treadmills above are the best in their class, able to provide great value for the treadmill while not compromising on the price. You get the best deals and you get the best one there is. These treadmills are the most reviewed (good ones) and the most bought and often these brands and models are the only ones that gets compared all the time for the people looking to buy a good treadmill.

Treadmills are one of the popular gym equipment because it provides something that people can easily go for. You need a good walk but you can’t because it’s raining outside, here’s a treadmill! Do you need a good run but can’t because of a nasty snowstorm? No problem! Your treadmill is there! It may be pricey versus other gym equipment’s but you can use it every time and love it.


Shopping for a treadmill that’s less than $1,000 can become challenging, especially when you don’t know where to look. When you head to one of your local exercise equipment shops, the treadmills they have on display might contain a hefty price tag. Don’t give up hope because there are treadmills that are found below the $1,000 price range.

To look for the best treadmills under $1000, it’s reasonable to think about what factors to consider to avoid feeling any regret after the transaction is complete. Are you going to prioritize power? What about the price of the exercise machine? What about its build quality? What are the features that come with the device? These are just some of the questions that might be on your mind right now, and we’re here to help in that regard.

How Much to Spend on a Treadmill?

Since you’re probably here reading this post, you’re looking for a treadmill that’s below the $1,000 price mark. Look into the many different regions of the market to find treadmills that are within the $799 to $999 price range. Some retailers will even include free shipping as part of the whole deal, and it should be in your best interest to look for these stores. Note that there are still treadmills that go below the $799 price point, but the ultra-cheap alternatives will generally have a lower build quality than most, not to mention that the number of features is quite limited.

What to Consider When Looking at the Warranty of a Treadmill?

You can get good clues about a treadmill’s quality just by looking at the warranty attached to the machine. Generally speaking, warranties cover the repair and replacement of the exercise machine’s motor, frame, and parts. It should also include the charges associated with labor. The best treadmills on the market will usually have a lifetime warranty on their track motors and frames. There are also some machines that will have 2-year warranties for various treadmill parts. However, there are still some treadmills that are found under the $1,000 price point that only has warranty service for up to a maximum of one year. As a rule of thumb, if the treadmill has a 90-day parts or labor warranty, then this is considered to be a red flag.

Should I Spend More on a Treadmill?

Many treadmill shoppers will already be satisfied with the exercise machine being below the $1,000 price range. However, there are exceptions when the price tag will just go over a bit higher than $1,000. So it does beg the question, “Should I spend more on the treadmill?” It depends if your spending allowance can handle the extra charges. If it can, then, by all means, buy the higher-priced exercise machine. If you can’t spare the additional cost, then there are many sub-$1,000 treadmills on the market that’ll still be worth every penny you spend on it.

Now, you might be wondering, “Are there any possible drawbacks to buying a budget-friendly treadmill?” Well, there’s the fact that the number of features will be fewer than that of high-end models. Also, the build quality won’t blow your socks off, but reliable brands will still assure their customers their products will last a good long while.


 If you are a game lover, then you have heard about the airsoft games. These are termed as combat games, in which participants from two groups play. They look to eliminate rivals by hitting them with spherical bullet made of non-metallic that are fired from compressed air guns, which are either gas powered,  or spring powered, or electricity powered. You will find a wide range of airsoft guns. However, the airsoft sniper rifles are the most favorite ones among players. You might have observed that the snipers take hard training for using the Sniper Rifle and also to turn into the best sniper shooters in the movies.

Buying sniper rifles

When it comes to looking for affordable sniper rifles, of course, you would start looking for spring powered snipers. The electric rifles and gas powered rifles are expensive ones than the sniper rifles.Still, there are many things to take into account when you are going to buying cheaper sniper rifles. It is important to take care of the quality of the sniper rifles. They are manufactured almost identical to airsoft guns and sold in the name of the airsoft cheap pistols and rifles. This is why you need to do your homework so that you can end up buying the replica guns. These rifles are better than other types of rifles available in the market.

You should know that there is a wide range of applications of the Sniper Rifle. They are of great use in the airsoft battlefields, which the players adjust with bunkers, walls, towers, buildings, and other artificial field attachments. With the use of the sniper rifles, you can have a chance to combat the enemies without approaching them closely. You can use this rifle to shot at the enemies when they are at comfortable distance. Situations that have battles to experience needs great use of these rifles in any case if the rivals apply the gorilla warfare method of attacking and hiding.

Get a right model

Purchasing a quality rifle of right model is the best way to get prepared for combating your enemies in the battlefield.

Sometimes, you’re confused about what paintball gear to purchase. It is because of the number of sellers outside which increase to your agitation. When it comes to the exciting world of paintball, narrowing down your search should be considered in line. Before buying exceptional spyder paintball guns, it is always good to weigh down your decision.


Kingman SPyder MR100 Pro

For beginner players, the MR100 Pro is one of the best choices to have. Everything you need for the game is all catered by this specific marker. Its shape is similar to that used by the military which adds the thrill of the game. More than that, accuracy and precision are suited with this paintball masterpiece as well. It obtains an EKO valve which shoots 1600 shots per 20oz of CO2. The stunning piece is durable because of its high-quality materials.

Victor Paintball Marker 3Skull

3Skull is very popular because of its light weight and fresh look. This option comes with a tool-free striker plug which is pretty helpful during the game. As for handling, the Victor paintball marker 3skull is good to go with it since it provides speedier shooting. You’ll never get troubles with your budget as well since this masterpiece is budget-friendly.

MR6 Paintball Gun

MR6 features a lower mag-feed and a dual loading system. It is highly innovative as it acquires a unique patent design which permits users to alter the loading system easily. It works with just a quick turn of the barrel. If you’re looking for an excellent alternative to the Cronus from Tippmann, MR6 supplies it for you.


Looking for these items is fairly easy. The difficult part is when you are not familiar with the seller. To help you with this, talking to a professional is worthwhile. This is great especially when you’re just buying your first paintball weapon. There are surely tons of questions which you want to ask this professional. Go on and check him out.


Typically, paintball guns and gears cost you about $40 to $2000. High-end gears are more expensive which requires you to get more cash in your pocket. Only hop to an option which you can afford. If you are not yet ready to purchase, then try renting one. This is a clean reply as well.


For your decision, know the type of games you will be playing. If what you want are casual games, then you may opt for a mechanical gun. This type of paintball weapon is great for beginners. But if you are aiming for a competitive play, try to hop to electric rifles. These weapons are semi-automatic but are very priced than the latter.


Whenever you want to be a pro PC gamer, you need to have the necessary tools to practice with when you’re just sitting inside your home. eSports tournaments require participants to only use the gaming rigs and accessories that fit competition guidelines. Anything more or less than what the governing bodies require from the contest and the participant can immediately get disqualified before they even set foot inside the location.

With that being said, there are some computer gaming devices that can help you gain that competitive edge, in a tournament or otherwise. For this thought, we look into gaming monitors that have 144Hz refresh rates as these will allow you to have low input lags while still being compliant to most eSports tournament guidelines.

Asus VG248QE

The Asus VG248QE can save you a lot of money and perhaps even your head when you’re playing CS: GO. With a refresh rate of 144Hz, this monitor can please a lot of PC gamers, especially when you take a look at its price tag. It does have some of the old drawbacks of having a CRT monitor, but what you get in return is a reasonably capable display with plenty of potentials. Not to mention that it won’t break a lot of banks in the process. It’s a monitor that’s highly useful in different video game genres, including RTS, FPS, and it’s even compatible for Twitch-style gamers.

Pixio PX277

 Even if you’re a veteran PC gamer, the world of monitors is heavily dominated by the likes of Acer, ASUS, Samsung, and LG. Ask some gamers if they know anything about Pixio, and they might scratch their heads in wonder. The Pixio PX277 uses the same panel as its high-end counterparts such as the ACER XB271HU and ASUS PG279Q, but it costs about a hundred dollars less than its rivals. Experience minimal input lag with a screen refresh rate of 144Hz, and you’ll even get the AMD FreeSync support as a bonus when you opt for this monitor.


The ASUS VH238H is the best 144hz monitor for different reasons, but one of those isn’t its panel. This monitor has a major drawback of using a TN panel instead of an IPS one. Hence, you’re not going to get a lot of great viewing angles and the color accuracy leaves much to be desired. However, it does have a 144Hz refresh rate, and you can’t go wrong with its price point. It’s even power efficient, which makes PC gamers who’re worried about their monthly utility bills to breathe a sigh of relief.

Why is refresh rate so important? It’s because the higher the number on this element, the more times per second the images get redrawn on the screen. Hence, the smoother the picture will feel with a 144Hz or higher display refresh rate. In doing so, it can significantly minimize input lags, which might even help you get all those headshots in Battlefield 1.


When buying a gaming PC, thechoosing monitor may not be topon your list. But themonitor is different from other hardware accessories. Gaming is avisual experience. The monitor is the display unit and you have to stare at it all the time while playing. So it deserves thehighest importance.Monitor specifications and features determine how quickly you can react to a game. Here is why themonitor is most important gaming accessory.

  1. If you are a serious player, playing racing or shooter game, then response time matters more. That response time depends on the gaming monitor you use.
    Thebest gaming monitor must have fast response time. IPS panels have slower response times than TN panels.
  2. Input lag is another major a concern for competitive gamers. This is different from mouse lag. It is how quickly you can react to a game. Even casual gamers don’t like large input lag.
  3. A higher refresh rate is desirable for many gamers. Chose monitors with 120 Hz or 144 Hz to 60 Hz.  It stops screen tearing.
  4. Resolution is another important factor. 1080p(1920 x 1080)is the minimum resolution you have to choose, below which the clarity is not sufficient for gaming.1440p (2560 x 1440, Quad-HD) is better than 1080 p. The resolution defines the picture clarity.
  5. 24″ @1920X1080 is the favourite monitor size for most of the players. 27” monitor will be a better choice than 24”.
  6. Choosing between an LCD and LED determines many factors like power consumption, color, brightness, viewing angles, and price. LCD cost is less than LED. But LED consumes less energy than LCD. LED monitors suits for gaming monitors.
  7. A gaming monitor must be provided with connecting equipment that is suitable for all types of game consoles.


Gaming mоnіtоrs are very іmроrtаnt accessories as gamers spend more time watching games.


Though even vegetable juices are referred to as green drinks, one of the more powerful and helpful version are the green superfood drinks made from different plants such as Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheatgrass, Alfalfa and so on. It is easy to buy green drinks as you can buy from both brick and mortar stores as well as online sites. Since there are many manufacturers out there trying to get your attention, there are three factors you should look at while buying.

The three pointers to help you buy nutritious green drinks

Look at the ingredients: Most green drinks are made from plants. So, check out the source and the list of ingredients. Some may contain additional antioxidants, proteins and enzymes as well but at the same time, the green drinks that contain only the green natural powder will contain many nutrients, vitamins and minerals. So, the more nutrients in the green drinks, the better it would be. Try to buy the ones that have natural ingredients.

reviews on patriot power greens

Check out the price tag: The cost of the green drink would depend on various factors such as the total number of servings, the grams or the quantity in each serving, the ingredients, and also the additional enzymes, proteins or probiotics it would contain. Also calculate the cost of the container. Then you can calculate an approximate amount. The better the quality, the higher the price tag would be. You should focus on the quality ingredients of the product for sure.

Find the taste: Always remember the best quality green drinks are the ones that contain fresh and raw powder obtained from mainly from Wheatgrass, Barley Grass, Spirulina, Chlorella and more such plants. So, the taste would be either a little bitter or it might be tasteless. Thus, many people prefer buying ones that are sweetened but remember, these would serve no purpose but at the end, they may contain processed sugar which is not healthy. But at the same time, you can make your green drinks tastier by adding fruits to it or adding the drinks to smoothies or juices to make it healthier as well as tastier.

No doubt you’ve noticed several changes in your body when you reached middle age. You see a few more wrinkles. You tend to get tired faster. likewise, so called senior moments seem to happen often. Chances are you expected these changes to happen.

However, it’s possible you didn’t count on one change aging can bring about. Low libido. It can happen to men and women alike. It’s the result of excess estrogen in the body. Other sexual problems specific to men and women can also crop up with aging.

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The leading sexual problem for middle aged men

Middle aged men are at risk of erectile dysfunction. Decreased levels of testosterone and poor blood flow to the penis are some of the reasons behind it. Likewise, loss of elasticity of the erectile tissue and weakened nerve function can cause it. Apart from biological issues, health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease also contribute to the problem.

The leading sexual problem for middle aged women

Middle aged women are at risk of vaginal dryness. This is the result of decreased estrogen levels. It occurs often among women who are already menopausal. Hence, having sex becomes uncomfortable for women who experience this problem. However, the reasons aren’t only biological in nature. Psychological and emotional factors can also contribute to its occurrence. As it turns out, anxiety can cause inadequate blood flow and lead to dryness.

Dealing with your sexual problems

Dealing with this type of problem can be embarrassing for some. Chances are if you’re experiencing any of these you’d want to keep it to yourself. Yet you don’t need to suffer through it. You have options to help you deal with your sexual problems.

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction can take medication. Mechanical devices or surgical implants are also possible to remedy the problem if medications aren’t sufficient. Women who suffer from vaginal dryness can undergo hormonal therapy. However, this could raise the risk of heart disease, even breast cancer.

Another option is to drink greens. According to reviews on patriot power greens, helping people who suffer from sexual problems is one of its unexpected, yet welcomed benefits. Its trademark blend of 40 fruits and vegetables help get rid of free radicals in the body. As a result, it improves the levels of nitric oxide. In turn, it increases testosterone levels.

Feel free to express your love regardless of your age.