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Singapore is dubbed as The Most Expensive City in the World. This is according to 2018 Worldwide Cost of Living by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The survey compared the prices of commodities like bread, wine, egg, milk and many more of 133 cities in the world. New York City and Los Angeles city followed Singapore.

It doesn’t only cover commodities but also the price of real estate in the city-state. Real estate here in Singapore is usually high especially if you will consider landed residential places. Landed residential places are not common here only a few can afford. Most people here live in Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats.

condo building

For younger couples, condominiums like Twin View are appealing. Condominiums are appealing because it boasts of different facilities or amenities. Here are some facilities that you should look for in a condo unit:

  • Common areas: Common areas are big draws when choosing a condo unit. Examples of common areas include gardens, lobby, swimming pool, stairways, elevators and laundry room. Each developer has their unique common area to distinguish them from the others. If you are amenable to the common areas, you can consider the developer.
  • Parking: Parking is also a common area but it should be highlighted because you need it all the time. Having a car, you need to know that it is safe. Parking should be included in the facilities of the condo building and if not, it is time to look for more options.
  • Security: You are also paying for the security so make sure you are getting the most out of it. See if the building has enough security like a surveillance camera, 24 hours roving guards and well-lit common areas.
  • Social opportunities: If you are the type that values social opportunities, ask the developer if they have scheduled events. If the developer doesn’t offer social opportunities, ask if you can organize things or if there are nearby activities you can join.
  • Appliances: If the condo unit boasts of being “fully furnished”, you may expect upgraded appliances like microwave, television, and refrigerator. By determining such, you spare yourself from buying the same things.
  • Storage space: Remember you do not have basement or attics where you can store things you do not need. When choosing a condo, determine if they provide enough storage space for your things.

If you want more facilities or amenities, perhaps you should consider luxury or upscale condominiums. Whatever unit you have in mind, there is always something for you. This will be one of the greatest decisions you will make in life so be careful when choosing. It is not something that you can easily return if you do not like using it.

Purchasing the condominium unit may become the simplest and easiest alternative for the foreigners who want to buy the piece of real property in Singapore. Actually, condo is a type of home ownership and here, the individual units of the large complex are not rented but they are sold. Of course, they can be commercial warehouses, townhouses or even the renovated apartments. Twin Vew Condo is one of the latest twin towers development which is situated in Singapore. People who want to buy the Condo in Singapore often choose this developer.

Features of Twin Vew

Features of Twin Vew

This Twin Vew condominium nearly has 530 units which consist of single bedroom to 5 bedroom condos. Its exclusive features and amenities made all the buyers to look forward for the sale of these properties.  Moreover, it is expected that the registration will be started from 1st quarter of 2018.

Of course, this Twin Vew condos have some exclusive features which made it to stand out from other condominiums. Following are those interesting benefits that you can enjoy.

  • It is located close to the Ayer Rajah Expressway and West Coast Highway. Moreover, the plot is connected to all the cities. Residents can easily travel to town via Expressway.
  • Bus transportation facilities are available in East West Line MRT.
  • Since the condo is now enclave with the parks and water bodies, the residents can surely enjoy the greenish areas.
  • The development of this condo is inspired by the nature and so residents will definitely enjoy the fantastic environment around their living space.

These are some interesting benefits that you can avail when you have bought the condos from Twin Vew. In fact, the condo is situated at the center of the city and therefore, most of the people find interest in buying it. Costs of the services are so affordable and it helps to make your dream of buying condo come true. Even if you want to know more details about this exclusive Twin Vew Condo, you can search over the internet. Yes, the internet pages can provide you the utmost interesting features about the condo in the reliable manner.

Buying and selling is not child’s play therefore, kit becomes important to take up things that will help you to manage it in the right manner. To help you understand it becomes important to gather nuances as this will give you more clear idea on to choose the right one thus it become important, as this will help you to understand the process in the best possible manner. Moreover, this is the reason why it becomes important to know some of the point that will let you manage it in the right services as this will help you to know some of the services as this will give you an idea about it.

A lot of things comes into play thus it becomes important as this will help you to take up the things as this will help you to  choose the best option that will suffice the purpose. In addition, it becomes, as this will help you to know some of the pro tips that will help you sell of your house fast at great price.

It is important to know about the process in the right manner as this will help you to manage it in the right process as this will help you to get done in the right way so that it is important as this will help you to manage it in the right manner. In addition, it is important to be sure of the plus points, as this will give you an idea about  the services in the best manner as this will help you to know some of the points as this will help you to get the best services as  this  will help you to get things done in the right manner.

If buying a home is a great experience, selling a house is the exact opposite. Why? There are a lot of factors really. The location, the looks, the price, the features, the budget, the house’s history, the owners, the surroundings, the maintenance, the renovation and much more.

So suddenly it becomes complicated, not to mention sending money to get things fixed, replaced and renovated to make your house attractive to future buyers. You can even call yourselves lucky if the first people that saw your house will tell you that they will buy the house right away. If selling the house is a problem and for many reasons you no longer want to even be associated with it, bothered with it, no longer or can’t renovate it you don’t have to worry because your house will still sell.

How: The biggest and most important question. How do you sell it? You’ll be glad to know that it’s not about directing you to some big-time property agent or firm. How? You will be surprised that not all solution in selling a house is thru a property agent. They are called “Home Buyers” and these guys will buy your home even if you don’t give it a facelift.

Why: Why them? It’s because you go straight to the source, no more middleman to do the sale for you and give a commission to. They are the buyer and everything is just easy. How easy? No paperwork, they pay thru cash and the best thing is that you get paid after 3 days! It’s a hassle free transaction perfect or people that don’t really have any clue or any idea about the grueling and painstaking process in selling a house.

Where: You can visit them directly thru their website: https:/ or contact them directly thru their phone channel. Either way a friendly operator will be there to answer your call. They work fast and buy your house as soon as possible.

Home buyers are a great alternative to housing firms and property agents for the very reason that you go straight to the buyer that has lesser standards in buying your house. Gives you a quote and continues with the sale as early as 3 days. You don’t have to renovate your house to make it more presentable, you can just leave it as it is and move on. They make the deal much easier for you not just because it cuts the middleman but also because they take care of the paperwork for you.


Modern days are competitive in almost all professions. Particularly when it comes to purchasing and selling properties which largely depends on market trends and government policies, nothing is predictable. It has become a big head scratch to the investors and sellers  alike.  Same applies to selling house also.The shift over from a novice property holder to an experienced property seller requires essential ground work to be done  on Real estates and house selling.


Blind formulas do not work here and if you do so, you will be left with unsold house even after months. To be at the cutting edge, understand the market trends, price variations and geographical statistics which weigh high in the sale of a property.  You need to do a lot of research in Real estates and house selling to be an efficient seller. What makes your house to be sold as a hot cake? How even big players in the market fail to get an attractive price for their house?

Stand high in the competitive market with these simple fundas:

Make a photo shoot of your house: “your house was your paradise”. Make the world understand this. Relish the lovely moments as you shoot some real good neighbourhoods of your house and post it online. It can be your far made friendship with an old couple, their pet or a nearest park where you jogged or a famous bakery where your kids feasted the most. Anything which emotionally got attached to you works wonders. Get buyers queue up your house with your explanative skills.

Take the help of social networking sites: Post some fascinating photographs of your house in the face book and other social networking sites and proclaim that it is for sale. With this, your network will come to know of the news and will pass this information to their friends circle and so on. The chain becomes big and the list of your buyers bigger.

With the above steps, you have made your attempt to spread the news. Now it is time to do the necessary TO DOS for the outgoing asset.

  • Get all the major repairs done and renovate the house. No buyer would want to invest in an outdated property.
  • Beautify the exteriors of the house like outer walls, gardens and land scapings. After all, first impression is the best impression.
  • Decorate the interiors and also give good ventilation with bright colors and lights.
  • Get rid of unwanted things to make it look spacious.
  • Talk to a reputed agent who can get good buyers for you if needed.

Though selling of house involves petty frustrations, a right approach and sound knowledge of the basics can make the transaction successful.

In today’s world of buying and selling houses, it can take months or up to even years for you to find the right buyer for house. During this time, your bills might have piled up as well and aside from that, you still have to do a few repairs to the house before you can consider putting it on the market. These added costs are proving to be a headache.

There’s also that factor of your real estate agent getting his or her commission after you have sold the house. So as you can see, putting your house for sale on the market isn’t literally a walk in the park. There is an easier solution though, you might want to check out for more information about this.


No additional costs needed

The people behind Keypoint Solutions offer you hassle free services since they will be the ones to buy your house as is, that means you don’t have to pay extra for renovation and since there is no middle party involved, you won’t have to pay for commission fees as well. It’s just as easy as settling on a fair price for the house.

No obligations

With years of buying and selling houses under their belt, Keypoint Solutions will appraise your home as fairly as possible as is and when you come to terms on a price, you can consider the house good as sold. Since you are not obligated to sell the house to them, if you can’t agree on a price then they won’t force you to sell the property to them. You basically have nothing to lose when doing transactions with them.

Easy money

When both of you have agreed on a price for the house, you can expect the deal to be closed within 48 hours and you will receive cold hard cash straight from them. This is easier and faster compared to the  more traditional approach where you still have to pay for repairs and renovations to the home as per request of the prospect buyer as well as paying your real estate agent his or her commission fee. Aside from this, you still have to wait a long time for your buyer to fully pay for the house.

The people at Keypoint Solutions offer you a faster and easier way to sell your house as well as lesser expenses on your part. With years of experience, they will appraise and offer a fair price for your house as is. No additional charges, no pressure, no stress, no headaches to deal with, just straight up buying and selling.

Real estate is a volatile business, where the realtors have to survive in all type of market situations. This is usually done by smart marketing, a key element for any business growth .Real estate business is all about creating traffic, getting the initial leads and turning them into revenue. Whether marketing a single property or one’s own services a realtor can use the real estate flyers as an effective tool for creating traffic and initiating a compelling call of action from the prospective clients.

Real estate flyers effectiveness as a marketing tool:

Efficient advertising is the major contributor when it comes to buy or sell a property. It is a medium to make the sellers presence felt among the potential buyers and increase their chances of revenue. For getting the initial leads the content must be competitive as well as comprehensive. Flyer templates just provide the right platform to make a compact yet efficient summary of the property or the seller which is attractive enough for the prospective client to care for and take a notice.

It’s a great way to showcase the listed properties and its status. With numerous templates available online, one can choose the best fit that solves the purpose and customize them with the content depicting property and other important details (both textual and visual).

Adding images gives it a competitive edge because prospective customers can get a connect by seeing more of the property in picture form .One picture can convey what 1000 words can. It is very easy to create, as well as edit without the need of any special skills. Templates come with many inbuilt detailing, which can be customized by using acrobat reader, Photoshop and some other easily available tools.

One can create beautiful and colorful feature sheets perfect for displaying all the necessary information of the property using various design tools. It is easy to print and share directly with the prospective online clients which very much lessens the effort of its distribution. Due to its inbuilt printing specification, and formatting it gives a consistent print every time. They can provide a competitive edge with the impressive representation of the listed properties attributes and its potential benefits for the prospective clients. Professional flyers are also used as a real estate farming tool to establish a seller when he/ she is targeting a specific locality and people.

For a powerful and effective real estate flyer it must be able to catch the pulse of the potential buyers. It must have an engaging headline, comprehensive and appealing information by using right amount of icons, detailed snaps of the property, proofread text and other graphic tools.

It must provide a visual walkthrough of the property. The seller can overcome the buyers resistance phenomenon by use of a well thought of flyer.

The useful tool for real estate marketing campaigns is the use of real estate flyers. You may market a single property with listing description flyers. Open house flyers may also be in use. Farming Flyers may be in use to sell your services. A lot of factors should be in consideration. Make sure that you also follow the best practices.

Will it make sense if you make your flyers? Does your real estate marketing plan include brochures? What is the information you need whenever you introduce your business? Can you check what your target market needs from farming flyers?

These are some of questions that we will answer in this comprehensive guide. Get ready, so we can discuss what can help you to decide. You may make your flyers or let the professionals do it. Design technology and cheap printing are now a few mouse clicks away. Real estate agents don’t need to look for professional printing services. They can have their own flyers. The tools that real estate professionals need are in digital cameras. They are also in other camera technologies like mobile tablets and smartphones. They give the tools that real estate professionals need. It allows them to capture high-quality images of properties. Aside from this, you can get copywriting tips from Google search. It will help you improve your Flyers’ marketing impact.

It is now easier to meet the tools and know-how compared to the past. It may allow brokers and agents to provide discounts on copywriting. This may also apply to graphic design and printing services. Here are the factors that people should take into consideration.

The Purpose of the Flyer

Do you use flyers for farming? Does it introduce your services to the public? If you market yourself, remember that your brochure will give the first impression. It can provide that for a lot of people in your target market. It will be better if your prospect will see it as an office-printed paper. You may develop a skill for digital photography and design. Create designed real estate flyers using high-quality paper. It can give you a great impression whenever you market your service. If you use them to provide information for a home that you list, print and create those flyers by yourself. That decision may also depend on the property type.

Type of Property

The asset class that you market is an essential factor that you should always consider. It can help you to decide if you want to make your real-estate flyers or get a professional to design them. High-end luxury home properties need marketing materials that people designed and created. Whenever you list a home of this caliber, make sure that you have real estate marketing materials. It should portray a million-dollar image. Only make do-it-yourself flyers for homes that fall in the median price range of the local market.

Offline or Online

Check if your flyers will market your real estate services in the virtual or physical world. Most buyers start looking for a home online. It is important for property agents to have a strong online marketing presence. It can be easy and quick for anyone to create marketing flyers online. There are lots of websites and email marketing services. They can provide templates for real estate flyers. In these cases, agents have to put the photos of the home they list. They can create the sales and marketing content that will fit in the space.

Time Value

It is important to ask yourself how you best spend your time. Will it make sense if you sit behind a computer for a long time? Will it help you learn the necessary skills to make real estate flyers? Will it be better if you focus on the other important aspects of your business?

Lots of brokers and agents think of the value of their time. They don’t consider putting together professional real estate marketing materials as a skill. It is valuable. Starting agents do not have a choice in the matter. They usually operate on a shoestring budget. Because of this, they can’t pay for professional writing, design and printing services. That choice may be different for every individual. Yet, it is important to use professionally-produced real estate marketing materials. Do this if you are starting out. You may need online real estate flyers and property information flyers. You should also have open house flyers, and farming flyers. Test a lot of professional real estate flyers. Check which of them provides the best return on. You may use those flyers as examples so you can create your own in the future.