We at Go Green Taxis aim to reduce carbon emissions and save you money, whilst providing a first class taxi service. We employ environmentally friendlier alternatives throughout our whole business practice, to reduce the impact our business has on the environment.

know about Go Green Taxis

All about Go Green Taxis

We have found that cutting down on waste and being more efficient with our resources has saved us money. We believe that if we can save money then those savings should be, and are, passed onto our customers. Going Green has saved us money and it will save you money too. We do more than just say we are “Green” with a dedicated #GoGreenEcoSquad we dig deep and plant trees with local schools and community projects, use eco-friendly vehicles, use ethical and environmental resources and go the extra mile to ensure we do more.

The History

Go Green Taxis was launched as Didcot’s 1st green taxi service in October 2009 founded by Mike Hatter and Mark John. Offering of a unique, personal and first-class service with a strong commitment to helping reduce CO2 emissions has proved popular – “The Taxi that doesn’t cost the Earth”. We have revolutionised the industry which has helped us to become the key player we are today.

Our Green Thinking
Go Green as a company has committed to buying over 25 Acres of rainforest, in partnership with the World Land Trust – which in turn makes us the greenest taxi company around. To further our cause we planted over 60 Apple trees in and out Oxford.

The Valuable Team Members

With multi-skilled office staff and a fleet of highly trained drivers at the forefront of our business, has truly sets us apart from other Taxi and Private Hire firms. This has been noticed and rewarded with multiple awards from industry experts such as The QSi Awards we have won Private Hire of the Year for 2015 & 2016.

The Dedicated Call Center

At the heart of Go Green is our Call Centre Team. We hand pick our most skilled staff and train them to deliver unrivalled levels of customer service. Our Didcot based Call Centre Team take pride in delivering superb levels of support. When you need to, you can contact us over the phone or online. You will feel valued and confident that we’ll quickly and simply answer your query, or fix your problem as you talk to our skilled team.

Generally locksmith services have a huge demand in its services in today’s daily life. Actually locksmith is a service provider who usually works on safeguarding with different number of locks and keys.

Duties of locksmiths: Their main aim is to repair locks that are damaged and they even makes keys to number of corresponding locks. Moreover they setup alarms wherever necessary and install it according to its security features.

Under this category of locksmith services, they are categorized into three kinds; it includes auto locksmith services, residential locksmith services and commercial locksmith services.

Under auto locksmith services, a locksmith provides number of facilities to the drawbacks encountered.

Some of the troubles are discussed which can be prevented by auto locksmith services as follows:

  • When a car got locked out, these service providers will initially open a car with their tools and check whether the keys that had locked inside the car or whether those keys might be broken in a car or already lost. They even use wedges to find the keys that got stuck inside the car or not.

  • In another case, under some circumstances the locked keys got stuck in trunk for number of reasons. Simply the locksmith open the car door and uses manual trunk to open the lock.
  • Similarly car key replacement is another safety measure to replace the keys. Like simply have more number of keys to safeguard your car security. There is an only reason is keeping duplicate keys will let you get away from stressful experience rather than approaching locksmiths.
  • As we discussed earlier duplicate car keys is quite helpful for every individual to avoid the situations in the case of car got locked suddenly.

Apart of above features, there are number of auto locksmith services available in the present market that provides 24 hours facilities to the people with ease and comfort.

In dealing with some unpredictable situations, expecting the unexpected is a beneficial strategy. And perhaps it is among the most unexpected situation that would happen involving door lock issues, lost car keys and malfunctioning in your office, home or car locking systems. Knowing that you have Locksmith Southfield offers their emergency services, you can easily call out every time you are having troubles. There are many different issues that you may encounter with your locks or keys that can relieve the pressure of looking for quick solutions to the said problem at hand.

Top Most Benefits of Emergency Locksmith

They called it a round the clock service. As the name implies, an emergency locksmith giving you an assurance of a 24/7 access to whatever and wherever lock related problems for the assistance that you need. This is a great matter, especially if you have left your keys or lost them in your room or maybe locked in your car. This might cause you to get stranded and delays of your appointments. Therefore, if you don’t want to get stuck outside your house or in a scary parking area for many hours, it is best for you to call a professional locksmith to help you.

Looking For The Right Solution For Your Locking Problems 

A licensed or an expert locksmith service provider only can give you the right solutions to your locking system issues at all. You don’t need to get panic when you find yourself locked out of your home, office or in your car. Be focused on the safety and security of your business. Be aware and always prepared for some unpredictable problems that possibly comes your way. This should be a common issue that really happens to everyone of us in the course time and can lead to a major problem. We should be accompanied by a trustworthy locksmith around the clock to assist you in times like we are so helpless with this kind of incident.

Be Always Mindful To All The Access of Your Locks

Having a track for an emergency service is one of the essential things you have to maintain in protecting your home, vehicles and some other properties. It helps you to remember some things that lock emergency can’t be avoided to happen regardless of how cautious you are not to break your locks or lose your keys. In order to not make things worse, always be alert to ask assistance from your trusted locksmith company in the city.


Carpet installation is one of the most significant and least implicit parts of the process in buying a carpet for your home. Even if you have just purchased the most expensive, highest quality and luxurious carpet on the market, but if you don’t have a good quality installation, the entire result will be a big blow. To avoid all that, better call the carpet installers Dallas for a sure win result. The quality of installing your carpet is just the same as more essential than the carpet’s quality itself.

The Benefits of Installing A Carpet

There are some various reasons for installing a carpet in your home. It is very convenient and relaxing if your floor is carpeted especially during winter season. It consists of a thermal resistant or what they called the R-value. It also retains the warmth of the air long enough when the climate is colder. It gives you the feeling of becoming comfortable while sitting in a particular area. It makes the room warmer and prevent the tendency of falling and slipping. And even that incident happens, it is not that hurtful and you cannot be injured that much. It serves as a protective material for your little ones and even for the elders. It can be considered as a safety measure for every member of your family.

carpet installers Dallas

The Possible Uses of Carpets in An Office

Its state of the art production process fits the topmost standards and guarantees the best quality in color wear-resistance and brightness. It ensures not only its appearance but also the length of the years it performs. An office carpets also been enhanced to its high endurance and the toughest wear and tear as possible. This particular collection is resistant to the rolling of the office chairs, the moving of heavy objects like copy machines, desks or any other office equipment and furniture. And lastly, the static energy. By mixing the high quality materials only with the topmost performance machinery, you get the best quality of an office carpet with an intense strength and finesse.

The Uses of Carpets Everywhere

Dallas warehouse has improved various collections of tufted carpets, especially for the mosques. Their high-quality collection has been designed with the following factors. Providing you an extreme color fastness, high daily traffic, low maintenance and easy cleaning. Same as minimizing slipping and falling risk accidents, fire and usage classification requirements, custom made design and so comfortable to sit on. For whatever pattern or design you pick, you will always benefit from a highly customized quality carpet.

These days’carpet installers can be easily found, as there are many adept professionals that are doing the round in the marketplace. Well, in this brief annotation, here we will help you to find the best carpet installer so that you can have the best of services for years to come.

The best is to find the independent  carpet installers, as it is certainly not possible for you get things done in your own  thus it  becomes way more critical to choose the best one as this will certainly give you  great service provider. In order to lay, the carpet in the perfect manner it is important to know about the nuances, as this will surely help you to get things done in the best way.

hardwood flooring installers Dallas

The best carpet installer will set the things in right order. In addition, many people do not pay much attention when it comes to carpet installer but on the contrary, getting it done in proper way will certainly help you to find the best one that will lay the carpet in the best style. A lot of things comes into play thus it is essential to know about it and  before you give business to any carpet installers it is vital to know about  the best one as this will certainly help you to  get things done  in the best way possible.

Expertise is of prime importance when looking for carpet installer so that you get the value for the money that you have invested on the carpet material. These days it is common to see that most of the service providers also have online presence therefore it becomes way more important to check the reviews online as this will help you make an informed decisions.


The need to hire the services of a locksmith may arise at any time. While we are in a hurry, we often misplace our keys and get in trouble that wastes our entire day. But, now in every lockout situation you could get instant assistance through the services of various locksmith companies in the city. Locksmith companies offer various services that are meant to solve all your locksmith related requirements. To hire a locksmith Miramar service provider, you just have to make a call to your nearest company and the service would reach to you in the least possible time.


Have a look at the locksmith services

The serviced provided by a locksmith may included the following:

  • Residential Lock change
  • Lock Cutting
  • Safes opening
  • Filing cabinet locks
  • Master key programming
  • Lock Rekey
  • Installation of exit devices
  • Installation of low voltage cameras and buzzers
  • Ignition key
  • Automobile locks
  • Electromagnetic locks
  • Mail box locks

The services are provided in the most secured format. Cost effective services are rendered by reliable companies. Compare the various companies online on the basis of cost of the service, time taken to reach the destination, time taken to resolve the issue, and the variety of locksmith are served. A company should be measured on all the above parameters, and only then the final outcome related to efficiency of the company should be ascertained.


Locksmith Miramar service providers offer high quality services in the least possible time, to bring you out of the troublesome situation in a very convenient manner. Your routine work does not get hinders because of any lockout situation. Keep the locksmith’s contact handy so that you could call for the services in the emergency situations without any delay.

Sometimes because of too much work, we tend to become forgetful of the little things that can actually cause big problems such as misplacing or losing the keys to the house, the car or even the office. When this happens, we are left with only a few choices. The first thing people usually do in this situation either because of frustration or panic is to try and muscle their way in, quite unsuccessfully too. Others try picking the locks and hoping it would work.

These options can prove to be more destructive that effective mad you could end up with a much worse situation with a broken lock. The best solution you can do is to call on a locksmith to help you. A&B Locksmith Auto is one of the best in-demand Locksmith Pembroke pines has and is sure to help you solve your problem in a less destructive manner.

Don’t get locked out of your own home

While the situation might be a little embarrassing, it’s not as uncommon as you might think. There are a lot of people who actually go through this situation and if in case this might ever happen to you, at least there’s A&B Locksmith Auto to help you address the situation. There’s no need for you to go all out Hulk to try and break down the door or even try to pick the lock to your own house. A&B will help you get out of the predicament and into you house in no time. They have all the necessary tools needed to open the door for you whether you have a traditional lock and key or a more modern locking security system.

Locksmith Pembroke pines

Locking yourself out of your car will definitely get you nowhere

There are also instances where you might get locked out of your car with the keys inside, while the situation might be unintentional, it’s not uncommon. When this happens, there’s no need for you to panic and try to break the window just to get in. Simply call A&B to help you and with a 15 minute response time, you won’t have to wait that long and you’ll be home just in time for dinner.

What if the incident happens during night time?

Sometimes these incidents can happen when you least expect it and during some of the most unwanted times as well. If ever you’re wondering if they can help you when this happens during the night time, the answer is yes. A&B Locksmith Auto doesn’t take breaks to offer you the best lock and key service possible. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

These unwanted mishaps can happen to anyone, anytime of the day and while it is really inconvenient, good thing that there’s always A&B Locksmith Auto to help you get out of these situations.

Now that you’ve just about decided to sell your residential property, you can’t help but think twice about what you’re about to do. What’s making you so indecisive as of late? Is it the fear of not being able to find a house in time before the new settlers will move into your home? Are you worried if there’s a possibility that the deal will go down the drain? Is it because you’re about to move to a new neighborhood and you still feel quite uneasy about moving away from close friends and family?

Albeit there’s nothing wrong with a bit of uneasiness when you’re trying to sell your home because it’s perfectly natural to feel that way. However, do think that the more time you spend considering what might happen, the more chances that you’re going to miss a lot of opportunities. It’s time to take a leap of faith and here are some things to think about to help you take that one more step further.


You Might Want to Move Up

One of the reasons as to why you’re selling your home is you’re about to move up into the world. In other words, you’re going to live in a more prestigious neighborhood or more luxurious property than what you might currently have. If you do, note that if you waste any more time then prices might appreciate and you’re going to regret not doing putting your home up for sale now. Also, mortgage rates are still low (at the time of writing), and you might even get the advantage of paying just around 4% when you move to a new home in the near future.

Move on With Your Life

One of the most difficult things to let go inside a home is the memories placed on it. It might be the house of your childhood when you used to play on the front lawn with your pet dog. It might be the property where you used to have Sunday barbecues with the rest of the family. No matter what those precious memories might be, you have to learn how to let them go and move on with your life. These memoirs won’t go away as they’ll always be a part of you. As cheesy as it may sound, it’s what’s anchoring you to your current home, thus preventing you from selling the property as soon as possible.

Get the Help of Professionals in the Real Estate Industry

Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that they can save a ton of money by doing all the sales processes by no one but themselves. While it might save you some cash, and you’ll get more in return from the sale, all the stress and emotional baggage that comes with it might not be worth it. So it might an excellent idea to just leave it to the real estate professionals instead, especially those found in

Upon reading this post, we hoped that it cleared your mind so that you no longer have to waste any time in trying to sell your home.

Thinking of selling your home, then you can do it by yourself and can save money to pay commissions for real estate agents. This can be done by selling on your own, but there are many things to be aware of to do correctly. When going for a sale by proprietor, the first thing is to determine the selling cost. This is essential because the cost should not be too high or too low. If it is low, then you may not get enough money for a new house, and if it is high, then selling of your house will be delayed.

Take good pics of home

Try to take the photos with best presentation like each room with good decoration, lighting and surroundings. Make the photos to be clicked in good view. Totally, make the photos attractive to get an impression for viewers by getting a glance of the rooms, and house. The photos are essential to post in online, if you are not perfect in doing it, take help of a professional photographer for this purpose.


Market properly to sell your home online

Most of the people begin their research for home online. Try to get more views for your home in internet. Make possible ways to market your home for sale in many places in online. Also, give the contact information and address precisely with landmarks to make it easy for the buyer to arrive. When a buyer shows interest in your home, give them space to check all the rooms, ventilation, atmosphere without disturbing them. Allow them to see the house personally, and keep distance to them as they talk to the person with whom they came. Also, you must be present at that movement without thinking or seeing anywhere as they may ask you questions about house and you are required to reply them. You need to check about the buyers from their place to get trust of selling your house to right people. Be clear about the cost of house even if there is no realtor then also you must calculate that percentage and add in the selling price as it is done on your own.

Renting Portable bathrooms is simple and simple to do. Is it true that you are considering the amount it cost to lease a port a john? What are porta potty rates? This page is planned to give you knowledge into that procedure. Leasing a convenient can for a day? Or, on the other hand Weekend?

What is the Cost to Rent a Portable bathroom?

In the event that you are thinking about leasing a Portable bathroom or restroom trailer for a development site or a major exceptional occasion you might be considering how much it will cost to lease the hardware. Luckily, leasing a porta potty is exceptionally moderate and can really help spare you cash (when contrasted with the choices) while tending to the sanitation needs of your visitors and your specialists.

Portable bathrooms

How would I get porta potty costs?

A great deal goes into deciding the cost of leasing a porta potty or restroom trailer. For a solitary standard porta potty hope to pay inside the scope of $100.00 to $250.00 for a commonplace end of the week utilize. This cost increments for choice or extravagance style porta potties which can cost anyplace between $175.00 to $450.00 every end of the week. For restroom trailers, the scope of costs will vary contingent upon the occasion and is extremely area particular. However hope to pay more than you would for a luxurious porta potty. The pleasantries and highlights that you pick with every porta potty, (for example, hand towels, hand sanitizer stations, sunlight based lighting, and so on) will likewise be a factor affecting the cost.

What is the standard unit cost?

Leasing standard porta potties can fluctuate contingent upon long versus here and now utilizations, and additionally civilities, updates, support and conveyance/area. Porta potty valuing suppliers ought to be deliberately chosen to give the best understanding, at low expenses. Compact can renting value quotes can go anyplace from

  • Standard unit rates $100.00 to $250.00 every end of the week relying upon district and conveyance separate.
  • Wheelchair open restrooms $150.00 to $300.00.
  • Grand flushing $175.00 to $450.00.

Every day utilizations, contracted units for work destinations, and different costs may fluctuate.

One thing to remember when contemplating the cost of Portable bathrooms is the length of the rental time frame. As a rule the cost for each day will diminish essentially the more drawn out that the unit is leased for. At times the cost to lease a porta potty for a month may wind up being just somewhat more costly than the cost to lease a similar unit for a solitary end of the week. This is on account of the main part of the cost identified with leasing versatile sanitation hardware is related with the conveyance, benefit, and possible evacuation of the porta potties. Regardless of whether you lease for a short or a drawn out stretch of time the cost to convey and evacuate the unit will basically be the same.

The best porta potty rental costs

While choosing Portable bathroom rentals company, it’s imperative to get some information about their administration/cleaning designs. In a commonplace case Portable bathrooms are cleaned on a week after week premise be that as it may on the off chance that you require extra cleanings the cost of the rental will increment. Here and there companies will offer a markdown on the off chance that you ask for extra cleanings forthright or on the off chance that you lease different units. At last it might be less expensive to lease extra port-o-potties to serve an extensive group as opposed to attempting to get extra cleaning and support administrations for fewer units.