If you are looking for the best in vehicle service contracts, American Automotive Service Solutions can help. We have been in the business over ten years, are members of the VPA, and only work with nationally known and respected vehicle service contract administrators. Our business is built on customer service, and every member of our team is here to deliver services that make your life better. We believe that money is not everything in this business – customers, their needs, and their families, come first to us. Call us today to find out what a vehicle protection plan really is and how it can save you money or request a vehicle protection plan quote online.

Whether you need a new vehicle protection plan, have questions about an existing one, or need to file a claim for repair, we are ready to help.

Our Mission

American Automotive Service Solutions is different than your typical auto warranty company. We are focused on a positive customer experience and long term satisfaction over the life of your vehicle service contract. Contact us today to get a quote on a vehicle protection plan that will give you peace of mind and the protection you desire.

Trust in Our Accredited Vehicle Protection Contract Administrators

It is also important that our customers know that we are not a fly-by-night operation. If you invest in us, you need to know that we will be around for a long time so that you can feel secure. We have been in business since 2008 and are growing every day. We are a member of the Vehicle Protection Association, which is in charge of enforcing important guidelines in our industry. Additionally, each administrator we work with has been in the business over ten years and each is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.

Get Answers to Your Questions About Our Vehicle Protection Plans

At American Service Solutions, we know that the best way for our customers to make a decision is to provide them with information. That is why one of the number one things we do is answer your questions. When you know exactly what the differences between our plans are and what each plan offers, we know that you can make an educated decision about what is best for your needs. That confidence in knowledge is one reason why we have been so successful at helping people save on car repair costs.

A vehicle protection plan works best when it is tailored exactly to your needs. For example, if you have an older car, you may not need a vehicle protection plan that covers high tech components. On the other hand, if you drive a four-wheel drive vehicle, you will definitely want to find a vehicle protection plan that covers suspension parts. With a wide selection of options available, we can help you find the option that is best for your needs.

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The American Automotive Service Solutions Inc Reviews are much better achieved before you do your finalization of the purchases you’d made. And if however, the car you purchase is already available, you still can look automotive shops for a much better amount after the said sale. In such sense, it is not absolutely that an insurance manager and a finance will consider you to shop all over the place while you are just sitting on the chair. Beside his desk with a file of purchase items in between the two of you. Base from the said warranty, do you have an idea what does it include? Facing those warranty problems, believing that extension of warranty could help, but the truth is, it does not! Not in all aspects. Most used items or broken parts are not under by the overall of any auto extended warranties.

Knowing Better Your Vehicle’s Needs

 In purchasing such deals, will you feel more comfortable having that doubts? Well, everything will only depend on you. If you were the type of a person who always has doubts and worries, then it is much better not to proceed in the purchasing process. Because absolutely there’s no such price for a troubled mind. Had you checked their repair history? Thinking about your own history regarding cars outbreak. Checking the issues of your vehicles, had you seen some additional problems that might include a warranty plan? For an example, how many times you had encountered a flat tire? I’m some cases, along with the road you always hit a. Debris and often had a flat tire for several times then this road problem warranty would cover up this type of problems. American automotive service solutions are one of the perfect company to contact In which they deal with the extension of service contract before the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

 Secure and Insured Your Vehicle’s Safety

 It provides us enough time to get you established with a new distinct amount of coverage in the case when anything could badly happen to your vehicle. Sometimes, it is observed as an extended automobile warranty from the manufacturer, while truth explains to the general of the plans will prolong the warranties given by the manufacturer. American Automotive Service Solutions advice for a fascinating vehicle warranty extension. For those who had an extension prior to the car warranty, then you can claim such plan which includes the repair of your vehicle. While some unexpectedly shocked whenever they try to apply such warranty and get busted we’re supposedly it can be avoided.


You are on a long drive, and suddenly from nowhere a bird hits your car’s window screen and there is a small spiral crack on the screen. This is a rarest of the rare scenario that may happen but the other factors that can damage windshield like the stones that thrown out by speedy vehicle while trying to overtake your car, unfortunate accident or the extreme weather condition are inevitable many times and can also pave way to the same. Leaving the damage unattended for a long period of time can cause severe complications that may affect the vehicle as well as you for a long run. The windshield is one of the main parts when it comes to your vehicle and repairing the damage is considered much easier as well as cheaper than replacing the entire part. Many repair and service centers do provide the facility of home service at a phone call, allowing you to sit back comfortably at your own space, without having to compromise on your work hours or without having to battle the heavy traffic.

auto glass repair kansas city

Benefits of repairing the crack before it spreads

Personal vehicle has become an inevitable part of everyone’s life and owning a car can be one time investment for many of us. Needless to say a tiny scratch or a crack on the window can nearly take away your breath. It is recommended to get the damage or crack repaired at the first instance before the damage goes out of hand. The main factor is the cost, the cost of getting repaired is much cheaper than that of getting replaced. Leaving the windshield unnoticed may allow the cracks to get worsen that may cause potential damage. A chip or a crack on the windshield can compromise the safety of you and your loved ones. It is also advisable to call the professional to check the damage than you yourself taking the matter up. An expert technician is a must for repairing the damage, so check out for best options online. Most of the vehicle repair does come under insurance policy and so does the auto glass repair. You have the benefit of paying nothing even if the need for replacing the entire windshield arises or any major repair is required. But even if your vehicle does not come under the coverage it will be recommended to opt for auto glass repair and repair the damage caused because at last nothing is more important than your own safety and certainly when considering the appearance part, who would like to drive a vehicle with a dent, broken windshield or crack on the screen.

A lot of people like to maintain their car in good shape once they get one. The condition of a car tells a lot about a person’s personality. A well maintained car gives an impression that the person takes care of his or her belongings. In spite of all the measures you might take to save your car from scratches and cracks, your car might end up developing. There are a few reasons listed that can cause your windshield to break. The list will help you be careful of the reasons!

Driving on a gravel road

There are chances when you drive on gravel roads, your car wheel might step on gravel and spin it in the air causing tit to hit your windshield. Other vehicle ahead of you might do the same. This is why you should stay at a distance from other vehicles on a gravel road.

Temperature changes

If you live in an area where temperature keeps changing drastically, the glass is prone to breaking. This is because the changes in temperature heat the metal up around the glass. Because of this the glass expands around the edges making it crack. To prevent this from happening, you should keep your car in the shade.

auto glass repair kansas city

Poor installation

When there’s a poor installation, your windshield vibrates when the there is a strong wind, or when you drive too fast down the highway. This vibration can cause the windshield to break. This might either need a repair or replacement based on the damage.


Road accidents have the potential to break your whole car, obviously including your windshield. But besides road accidents, even little accidents can cause damage to your windshield. If you park your car in the open, children around might cause the windshield to break with their baseball match going on. This is why you should park your car in the garage.

Poor construction

If your windshield is made of poor quality of glass, your windshield can break at slightest strain. You might be able to address the problem when you visit your mechanic. And in this situation, you should get your windshield replaced.

Sunlight and pressure changes

The effects of sunlight are similar to that of temperature changes. It heats up the material around the glass which makes it expand and crack. Besides sunlight, pressure changes from objects pressing on the windshield can cause stress on it and make it crack.

If the windshield of your car is broken, and you need a repair or replacement, you can visit to access details of the service provided and contact and find out the estimated price of getting your windshield repaired or replaced.

Mercedes is the brand that is globally acclaimed for its exceptional build quality and exactitude engineering. Driving a Mercedes car could be regarded as a symbol of achievement and success for the driver. Being the driver of such prestigious car definitely displays an appreciation for intelligent engineering, skilled craftsmanship, lasting quality and durability. It is not surprising fact that the Mercedes cars come with hefty price tags which make it impossible for average people to own one. So, to satisfy their needs Mercedes Car Leasing option has been introduced. The leasing option allows you to own your favourite luxury Mercedes Car but without making a hole in your pocket.

Mercedes Car Leasing – A Business Class of its Own

No matter what is your purpose and requirements for leasing Mercedes Car, this marquee of distinction will definitely satisfy your commuting needs. There are many online Mercedes Car Leasing companies that will provide you with the largest and different collection of Mercedes Cars which are available for leasing. These leasing companies can provide you the best collection of Mercedes cars compared to other brokers with faultless history of highest customer satisfaction. You will find largest collection of Mercedes cars ranging from luxury coupes to 2 doors hatchback to powerful 4×4 and executive saloons to high performance sport convertibles. All modes and types of Mercedes Cars are available in a variety of color ranges, specifications and fuel types, transmission, engine size, wheels and body styling kit.

Mercedes Car Leasing

Mercedes Car Leasing for Businesses

Keeping wishes and dreams aside, Mercedes Cars are long been known as luxury vehicles and still it remains the favoured choice of business class people who want professional looking cars and reliably smooth cars with a budget that shows their excellence. This German manufacturer has left no stone unturned to offer world class cars. They have expanded their models into more modernized and compact models which has captured the interest of young drivers. The car manufacturer has also come up with many inspired designs and reliable vehicles which are not only good at performance, but also offer business look when you drive the car to your office. Choose from the widest collection of Mercedes Cars online and get the best rates for your Mercedes Car Leasing contract.

Going for Mercedes Car Leasing doesn’t mean that you need to overlook the top specs. It is all about reducing the monthly prices to own a brand new Mercedes car of your choice.

In the modern days, car leasing business is gaining more popularity as there are more and more new businesses setting up and created a demand for this. Though at the end of the lease the client do not own the car but leasing a car could serve all other things similar to own car. The businesses incur low cost by leasing a car than buying a car.  The reasons, why business car leasing is a trend for the start up or even individuals are many.

Less cost in Lease

The cost plays main role in deciding whether buying a car or leasing a car. The cost spread over years to maintain cash flow in the business when leasing and is much more less than emi for car. For small businesses leasing allows free cash flow and keeps the business successful.

Expensive car is affordable

While leasing car individuals or businesses can take lease even a very expensive cars like Audi, BMW. Owning these cars would put so much pressure on the pocket while leasing would be so affordable and cost is very less. Leasing an expensive vehicle is always beneficial to the business where it represents our company.

Business Car Leasing

Tax benefits

In the business purpose trip, the business car leasing will be very much beneficial as the fuel cost can be claimed for tax benefits. The travel costs can be reimbursed for the business use. But these are to be strictly for business purpose and the evidence are to be collected and kept safely as they are audited. The personal use cannot be claimed for any tax benefits.

Offers and Incentives

The car leasing companies offers many benefits like incentives to the clients who order in a group. This is beneficial for both clients and also the company. For example if client order is for 10 car lease, the offer would cost less when compared to 1 car lease order.

Warranty Cover

The lease cars are with completely covered with insurance. It will have coverage 24/7 irrespective of region. They will also have road assistance which could be beneficial to the clients any time even if running out of fuel or break down. The wear and tear of the vehicle is also covered in the trip hence the client need not worry about it.

Tax benefits

Half of your Value Added Tax or VAT on leasing can be availed and full repay can be got on maintenance VAT. This is a major benefit to businesses.

First timers for lease would find the process confusing as there would be lot of paper work around it. The leasing company would make you sign to ease the whole process. But understanding the process and rules is very importantbefore going into it.