Career as an SEO Specialist

In this age of cut throat completion it is very important to have an online presence be it a small or a big business. But just having a website does not suffice the need as equally important is its visibility. Before making a purchase decision people tend to go online hence it is important that your business has a good visibility. Here in such scenario the concept called SEO comes into picture. Referred to as search engine optimization it is a process of getting traffic on to your website thereby increasing it’s ranking on various important search engines. The major search engines that have an impact include names like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The first step to rank higher on the search engines is t build a SEO friendly website.

SEO techniques

Now this job is generally carried out by a person better known as the SEO specialist. He is the person who is qualified to review and analyse your website and suggest changes. Ideally he is the person who helps in increasing the quality and quantity of traffic on to your website. Some of the key functional areas of a SEO specialist include complete analysis of the client website and provide recommendations regarding the structure of the website. He is also required to work with the client in optimizing certain keywords for the website. This should be done with the objective of increasing rankings in future. After a thorough analysis of the website he or she is required to design a plan on the on page and off page SEO techniques required to enhance the quality of the website. These are a few of the KRA’s of a SEO specialist. But the actual work is much more then this and last but not the least the person is required to continuously monitor the client’s website. This helps evaluating the performance of the website across all the major search engines.