Bundesliga: A Quick Overview

Bundesliga A Quick Overview

What is Bundesliga? It’s a German professional football league that promises a lot of action for every season. It’s one of the most highly anticipated sporting events of each year. Each year, the country shows strong support for this sporting activity as it brings tourists from across the globe who’re also avid fans of the sport.

In this league, clubs are ranked according to the points they’ve amassed during the entire season. Teams found in the bottom ranks are demoted to the second tier of this football league, and this is referred to as 2. Bundesliga or second Bundesliga. The top teams found in 2. Bundesliga will get the chance to be promoted to replace the demoted ones when the next competition comes into view.

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The Origin of Bundesliga

Bundesliga’s origins can be traced back to the year 1962 by the German Football Association (Deutscher Fussball-Bund). The first season of the competitive sport was held just one year after it was founded and announced to the public. Before this league, German football was generally found only to be on the amateur level. It was a time when champions were only determined through playoff matches between the teams who won in these local tournaments. At the time of its formation, there were five competitive leagues and these represented that South, North, Berlin, South, and South West regions of West Germany. These leagues contained sixteen teams which made it to the inaugural 1963 to 1984 season.

The Structure of Bundesliga

The German Football League (Deutsche Fussball Liga) took over running the Bundesliga from where the German Football Association back in the year 2000. The first season of the competition handled by the new association started in August of the same year which ran until May of the next year. There’s also a winter break in between December and January as football couldn’t be played properly during this time. Each club found in the league will play two matches against opposing teams within the competition. There will be 3 points awarded to each winner while no points for the losing team. There will also be 1 point awarded for both teams in case of a draw.

Member Clubs in Bundesliga

Germany’s Football clubs who take part in the professional level will first have to secure a license, and this is dependent on the financial status of the clubs set by the governing body. At the time of its inception, there are 53 teams played in the Bundesliga. While the teams primarily comprised of those found in West Germany, East Germany decided to join in on the sporting activity back in October 1990.

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