Benefits of using electric powered scooter

Electric scooters offer many advantages over the traditional fuel based scooters and bikes. Performance of Electric scooters  over its traditional rival is much better when it comes to performance and speed pick up. It can speed up to 60 Kmp/h from 0 much faster than the other type since it does not require any clutch and clutch is available immediately. When it comes to cost of the fuel, Electric scooters  scores very easily over them. It costs very less and it is enormous advantage over their traditional rivals. Also the cost of the gas and petrol is going up only as the availability of the same decreases. Over the years the price of the gas is very volatile based on the situation of the place where it is sourced and additional over heads fuel increases the cost end user pays to refill. But when it comes to electricity, price will remain static mostly and it won’t as additional overhead and can be covered in your monthly electricity charges itself.  In this way you can cut down the additional expenses and can use them for other purposes.

Maintaining the electric scooters also very easy compared to the traditional scooters. It does not have any complicated mechanism. You just need to take care of few mechanical parts like tire, braking pads and possibly brake fluid. Some of the modern research has yielded in development of hydrogen fuel cell and it can power up to equivalent of 125 CC bike but with more ease. If you are going to ride for short distance only, electric scooters will be the best alternative. But if you are going for long trip or ride, better you need to have the alternate way to charge the batteries ready as the maximum it can go with single recharge will be around 200 Kilo meters only. Though some of the models come with the removable battery most of the models comes with the battery that are not removable and you need to take the electric scooter to recharge point to recharge it.

Life times of the electric scooters are normally five years with proper maintenance.  If no proper maintenance done then it can last up to 3 years only. Generally when it comes to the repair and warranty terms, repairs can be done in the company workshop free of cost if the damage is not due to external forces. Also if the electric scooter is not repairable you will be getting the replacement one for that. How to choose which type of the scooter depends on the requirement, cost and the distance you intend to travel in that.  Select the model and type based on the requirement.