All about baby fles!

Finding right bottle is not an easy errand for new parent and if you have been looking for the perfect bottle but still clueless then halt over. As here, you will get to know that nuances, as this will undoubtedly help you to pick the right bottle. Many things comes into play, thus it is significant to be sure of the products that you are buying consequently it is essential to be well aware of the various aspect that will help you to drop the dough on the baby fles.

With so many different types of bottle that are doing the round, it is essential to keep in mind the needs. So that you are not smitten by, the cute and quirky baby bottles that will melt your heart and you would surely love to buy them all.

dr brown fles

Little market research would certainly give you an idea about the different kind of baby bottle that are doing the round and more importantly you can pick the best one as per you own requirement. Apart from that, there are some points that need to be borne in mind before you step out to buy the bottle for the little one.

 What to look, when buying feeding bottle!

  • Baby’s age: it is vital to choose the bottle in accordance with age of the baby  if your baby  is between 0 to 3 months  then it is advisable to go for the small size  like up to 150 ml. in addition you can change and upgrade as the baby get older.
  • Nipple material: Two kinds of the nipples that are widely available in the souk, it is important to see the size, flow and the shape of the nipples.  Younger babies prefer slow flow of milk so it is best to consider the nipples with small hole when buying baby