Advantages of Meditation Cushion

Yoga is an ancient practice well known for building inner strength and flexibility of human body. It calms the mind, inclines a person towards spiritual enlightenment and reduces stress. Well known about the benefits of meditation many people prefer to practice it.

Advantages of Meditation Cushion

Meditation can be practiced in different positions based on the body structure of an individual as each individual has a unique body structure. Some of the meditations positions are half lotus, full lotus, Kneeling, Chair, lying down etc. The position that is chosen to practice meditation makes the difference, as it influences posture and may raise discomfort.

In order to overcome the problems of discomfort and improper posture while meditation, meditation cushions can be used.

When a person sits to meditate the body succumbs to the surface on which it rests and gives pressure to hips, thighs, ankles, spine and shoulders. Basic meditation cushion is round cushion which can be used to practice meditation in sitting position. It mainly influences the meditation posture, alignment and comfort. There are different types of cushions in different shapes available to support and ease the posture according to the criteria of each individual.

To Say about such cushions, cosmic cushion, it has a fortune cookie shape cushion and an extended cushion support which supports the thighs and ankles, ideal for taller and persons with less flexibility. Zabuton cushion reduces the pressure on knees and ankles during sitting posture meditation, which is placed under the basic meditation cushion known as Zafu to help the proper alignment of the body. Kneeling cushion is used to reduce the discomfort in hip joints. Rectangular cushion, it is mostly used by the meditation experts.

Comfort is one of the advantages other than posture alignment. The comfort given by a meditation cushion mainly depends on the type of material used to manufacture it. The materials such as kapok cotton, Buck wheat hulls and wool are used for manufacturing, which are covered with various cloths and designs to make them more attractive.The selection of the cushion of a particular material depends on the preference and usage of a person.

Portability is also an advantage of these cushions, being light weight and small size most of the cushions can be carried anywhere during travels. Some cushions even have a side strap which makes them much easier to carry.

Thus the meditation cushions with their eye catching appearance comfort and flexible usage inspires many people to begin meditation and fill them with positive energy.