Addiction Treatment -A Ray of Hope

Rehab group applauding delighted man standing up against brick wall

Drug addiction is a persistent disease that severely affects the function of brain due to which an addictive person and his/her surrounding circumstances suffer a lot. To overcome the addiction and lead a normal life one has to undergo a step by step medical treatment. The process of such medical or psycho therapeutic treatment for dependency on addictive is known as drug rehabilitation. The centers that provide such treatments are called as rehabilitation center. These centers provide different types of treatments for various types of addictions. Most of the addiction cases that approach a rehab center would be for drug addiction treatment.

The process of an addiction treatment involves several steps, but mainly a basic treatment program has detoxification followed by behavioral therapy and relapse prevention. Depending on the severity of drug addiction and psychological condition of the patient different types of therapies are added to the program of an addiction treatment. Drug addiction treatment programs involve the following steps.

Detoxification: In this method the person undergoes a withdrawal process where the person is treated with required medication to overcome the symptoms of withdrawal of drugs such as feeling anxious,  severe sweating, tiredness, over thirsty etc. and thus helps the body to detoxify itself from the ill effects of drugs. Some are given oil massages and other treatments along with medications to detoxify a person’s body.

Behavioral Therapy: There are different types of behavioral therapies available to treat different types of addiction, when it comes to the case of drug addicts the therapists mostly suggests ‘Cognitive behavior therapy(CBT)’ where the therapists help the people to manage their addiction by making them understand how the thoughts and living style influence their emotions and behavior and guide them to change the thoughts that influenced them to get addicted and helps them to withdraw from addiction. This therapy is supported by Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) where the beginners are supported with medications later the medicines are replaced with  alternative methods like doing yoga, acupuncture, stress management etc. to facilitate the recovery process. During therapy sessions some therapists even take the family support of the person to make him/her capable of handling emotions into positive way.

After a person had undergone a complete therapy session he/she is kept under observation for few more days called as relapse prevention in order to make sure about the person if he/she has totally got rid of addiction and leading a normal life.