A single software build for all HR and payrolls needs

A single piece of software designed to meet all HR and payroll requirements. Employees can easily clock in and out or submit a timesheet depending on how you set it up. If needed, labor can allocate by the department of location. Many of your tasks can simplify by merely pressing a key on the Paycom keyboard. The inverse of working hours: a day off! And requesting time off is a piece of cake.

1.   Take a breather on your vacation

First, the employee can check their accruals to see how much PTO they have available for vacation, sick, bereavement, or otherwise. If they have earned enough time, they can simply request an intuitive calendar and can check its status at any time from address to emergency contacts and more.

2.   Every piece of vital employee information

All employees’ personal information can add and updated here at any time by the employee because they know their information better than anyone. By reviewing and approving their paychecks before payday, your employees ensure the amount will be accurate.

3.   Earnings and deductions fully disclose

You also can access their pay history with your company. Clicking into each, they can drill down into full details on earnings, deductions, and taxes. Managing expenses is simple when you remove the paper from the process. With Raycom, employees simply take a photo of the receipt and upload it for reimbursement all through Paycom.


4.   Smoothly configure out all the information

Like time-off requests, the status of each expense request can check at any time. As part of your onboarding process, new hires can access and easily navigate a handy checklist of initial tasks including completing tax forms, signing documents, and entering personal information.

5.   Employee performance can track

To further support the development of your workforce, assign them a training course they can take at their convenience. From compliance training to topics specific to your industry or their job. The learning experience is engaging, interactive, and content-rich. Assign a quiz to test their knowledge and track to see who completed their courses and who still need to.


If an employee needs to add a qualifying event to their benefits plan, it’s as simple as choosing a reason from a drop-down menu, birth, marriage, adoption, and more. Any supportive document can upload from the same screen. Underperformance employees can add goals to track their growth and progress.