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Bangtan Boys, popularly known as BTS, is perhaps the most well-known and renowned South Korean K-pop group of all time. The core members of BTS were merely a group of boys fantasising about international glory when they debuted nearly ten years ago. Now, the group, which consists of RM, Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga, Jin, and J-Hope, has gathered a massive audience all over the world. Their fans shower love on them in many different ways like organising online group chats, small gatherings, watching them go live together, also through creating bts quizzes, polls, etc. These engagements between the audience are also one of the reasons for their popularity. bts quiz questions and answers, unlike other BTS trivia questions, explore further into their lives, making them suitable for ARMY fans. You won’t need Blood, Sweat, and Tears to answer these Fantastic BTS trivia questions if you adore BTS!

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A huge fan base

  • The supporters, termed the ARMY, submitted an incredible 300 million online votes to guarantee the band won their Billboard prize.
  • With 19.4 million Twitter followers and 23.7 million Instagram followers, BTS has the most devoted and committed fans the globe has ever seen.
  • In just one month in Autumn 2017, they viewed the ‘DNA’ film on YouTube 50 million times!

Everyone has an ARMY story

Admirers spend hours publishing information online, organising army quizzes like bts quiz for the army, sending messages, and showing their adoration to the seven lads on countless pages, accounts, and websites set up all around the world by devoted fans.