electric guitar

 The guitar, more specifically the electric guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments there is and is widely used by people of all ages all around the world. This musical instrument has spawned many legends and genres and is one of the most prolific instruments in terms of marketability.

Of course the majority of the market is still dominated by the big names such as Fender, Gibson and PRS but lately there are more and more new guitar companies that are rising and being given due notice. These companies are catering to the more modern guitar player. Of course all of these guitars have a price tag, the high end ones are well, expensive and some are even ridiculously priced, while the lower end models are somewhat in the cheap to middle price range. Of course the sound quality isn’t quite as near to the high end models which is why some guitar players and builders choose to get a cheaper alternative by buying a build it yourself electric guitar kit and customizing it to their liking.

It’s a good way to start

Whether you are just starting out and want to build a guitar or you’re an experienced builder that wants to make a custom guitar, your best bet is the do it yourself kit. For the beginner, this is a good way to familiarize yourself with the various major parts of the guitar such as the body, headstock and of course the neck (the headstock is attached to the neck by the way) as well as the individual electronic parts of the guitar such as the pick ups, control knobs among others and also other basic parts and accessories the guitar comes with.

Endless customization possibilities

For beginners and seasoned builders alike, the do it yourself kit offers them a very large headroom as to customization and tinkering. Want a telecaster body with dual humbucker cavities a la Jim Root (Slipknot), no problem. You can even request a body without the pick up cavities routed for whatever reason you may have. Change pick ups in an instant without the hassle of cutting the wires. Want to have active pick ups? You can request to have a cavity specially routed for the batteries. As far as the color and finish goes, the only limit is your imagination.

Quality craftsmanship, cheap price tag

The quality of craftsmanship of these do it yourself kits can be comparable to the branded ones. The necks are usually made out of maple with a choice of maple or rosewood for the fretboards, the body can come in the ever workable basswood, solid ash or mahogany. As previously stated, the craftsmanship can be compared to the branded guitars.

All in all, the do it yourself guitar kit is a great way for you to build and tinker regardless if you’re just starting or already experienced. It offers you free reign as to what the finished outcome will be, it all depends on you.